Dog Training Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

Hi Spike here,  I was checking in with a few friends this weekend, and found myself hearing the same thing. When their new parents took them to their first dog training session, the parents were more stressed out than they were. So, my friends and I talked, and we think we know why.

Most of my friends were abandoned and adopted. Their parents fell in love with them and wanted the best for them. They wanted to make up for the bad times. But all of them were new at having a dog. So, they were afraid they would mess us up and were just scared they wouldn’t learn.

Dog training doesn’t have to be that stressful for you humans. We like that you want the best for us and love us so much. But part of that loving is realizing none of us will be perfect. We like you just the way you are, just accept us too. Yes, we need dog training. But, it’s to help us communicate better and to understand what you want and need. So, before you go to dog training, take a deep breath and enjoy learning.

Still nervous? That’s normal, don’t worry. Just contact my friends at Acme Canine and they’ll help you understand what dog training is and isn’t. Their trainers will talk you through those first few lessons and help you be successful! They will tell you how to prepare for the session and how to keep practicing during the week.