Dog training is a team effort at Acme Canine


here’s the deal:

We believe that dogs are capable of being the well behaved pet and companion that most pet owners dream of having. By providing our dogs with leadership, rules to abide by, and a clear and effective method of communication, we establish ourselves as the pack leaders and gain our dog’s respect and trust.

It is our goal from the minute we start training with you to have your dog responding reliably off leash to your hand and verbal signals.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows of the tremendous love and acceptance they bring. Dogs don’t care how we look or even how we act. They love us unconditionally.

From selecting the right puppy to teaching hand signals to an older dog who has lost his hearing, Acme Canine recognizes the various stages of a dog’s development and how training has to be adapted to focus on the puppy, the adolescent, and the adult or senior dog. Training methods are based on your dog’s personality as well as your goals, wants and needs. Using a combination of canine learning theory, canine psychology and canine behavior modification, we humanely and gently teach dogs.

the best part?

We are committed to making your relationship with your dog the best it can be. Dog obedience is only a part of our training. We assist you in diminishing unwanted behaviors while establishing and strengthening the bond between you and your dog. We GUARANTEE you will see improvement in your dog!