Durfey’s Dogs Bed Bug Detection

by Amy Durfey, CPT Certified Professional TrainerDurfey’s Dogs, LLC “Bed Bug Detection for your Protection”
Servicing Ohio for Bed Bug Scent Detection Services

Suspecting that you have bedbugs in your home is rapidly becoming a concern for most Americans. Although you can use online resources to determine if you have an infestation, knowing for sure before you begin the expensive and arduous process of extermination will save you time, money, and distress. Most people are familiar with dogs being used to find missing people or detect illicit drugs with their keen senses of smell – but has it ever occurred to you that Bed bug scent detection with dogs is an alternative to a costly diagnosis by an exterminator.

It may sound too good to be true, but Durfey’s Dogs are trained to detect bed bugs in your bedding, furniture, and clothes. Visit mybedbugdogs.com for more information about the newest in pest apprehension, dog scent detection! We bring in several pooches for inspection of your home, to be sure that the investigation is double- and triple-checked.

It may occur to you to wonder just why we use canines to detect bed bugs. Durfey’s Dogs is based out of Ohio, which is one of the most bed bug-infested states in the union. Necessity has driven bed bug experts to become creative with our methods. Our finely-tuned pooches, if used early enough, can detect the presence of bed bugs before they become a full-blown infestation: the earlier we can detect a problem, the less money you will be paying in exterminating fees in the long run. Neither cleanliness nor diligence in washing your clothes and linens will protect you from bed bugs. If you sit or lie on a contaminated surface, which can often be in hotels, transportation hubs, and used clothing and furniture, it is likely that you will be bringing at least one bed bug with you when you leave. It is crucial to remember that nothing – not personal hygiene, not economic class, not location – make you exempt from the risk of bed bugs.

Durfey’s Dogs are your resource if you want to know for sure if you are at risk for an infestation. IT is well-known that dogs’ sense of smell is far superior to that of humans, but a trained dog can be detect bed bugs with an accuracy of up to 98%, which is almost three times as much as a trained human technician!

If you are concerned about the well-being of Durfey’s Dogs, rest assured that all of our dogs are rescues. We train them ourselves, giving them the kind of purpose that canines thrive on. We also ensure that they are safe on the job, and request that you confirm no chemical treatments or other potentially harmful substances have been used in your home in the last several weeks.