Have Fun While Fine-Tuning Your Dogs Best Canine Resource

So I’m taking a stroll through the park the other day with the boss and we come upon a scene that is comical, but also a little sad. One of my canine friends is in a stand-off with a discarded plastic bag that is gently blowing in the wind. His exasperated owner is desperately trying to get him to stop barking at the evil bag and move along on their walk. I take a good whiff just to make sure there is no danger and then we continue on our way.

While it may not be a regular item you see while in the park, my friend mistakenly interpreting the plastic bag as being a danger is a classic case of not being socialized very well or using what was given to us…our nose.

What should be the dominating way canines view their world is sometimes put on the back burner for some members of my species. Dogs that learn to react first to sight or sound are not using their best resource and may become nuisance barkers or even frightened of things that their sense of smell should tell them is safe.

Utilizing a canine resource such as Scentwork classes at Acme Canine can be a way to ensure your dog uses his nose as his first natural-born ability. The trainers are pretty sharp and can provide skills that will improve the bond you have with your best friend and give you both a chance to exercise. Learning how to hone in on a specific scent will help develop this most important faculty for your dog. It will also teach the human half of the equation to better read their dog’s body language while building rapport within the partnership.

All dogs should be able to use our superior sense of smell no matter what breed or mixture of breed we are. For more information on having fun doing Scentwork with your dog or any of Acme Canine’s other classes contact them.   And tell them Spike sent ya…