How Dog Obedience Training Might Have Prevented Stella’s Owner From Winning The Lottery

Back in 2001 a small group of co-workers decided to start buying a group lottery ticket on a regular basis.  Eventually, the group grew to 33 members.  The most unusual part of their lottery ticket buying habit included using the same set of numbers every time.  Their numbers were 11-16-33-40-41 and they had been playing them for 13 years.

The group is employed by The University of Utah in Salt Lake City where they work on heating and cooling maintenance of the university’s buildings.  Unfortunately for them Utah does not have a lottery so on January 6th Steve Hughes and Stella had a date with destiny at a Gas Station in Lava Springs, Idaho.

Steve decided to leave his truck running, in order to keep his best friend Stella, the Min-Pin, warm on the cold and frosty winter’s day. After purchasing gas he returned to his truck only to find that Stella had inadvertently stepped on the electric door look button and locked Steve out.  She was only being a typical, bouncy, excited Min-Pin and she didn’t understand why Steve was standing out there in the cold yelling intelligible words at her through the window.

Steve had planned on their regular purchase elsewhere but due to these unforeseen circumstances he decided to ask his girlfriend to go inside to warm up and get the ticket while he tried to slim-jim the lock. Eventually he was able to encourage Stella’s “bouncy” personality and got her jumping up and down and sure enough, she stepped on the electric lock button!

Steve turned in the ticket and when it was announced that they were winners he found it difficult to believe that Stella and her bouncy personality had helped them win 2nd prize in the Idaho Powerball. Needless to say Steve and Stella are the heroes of the lucky group.

The average winnings are not a fortune but many are paying off bills, buying new cars and boats and taking long dreamed of vacations. Stella enjoyed her reward of an 18-inch rawhide bone which dwarfed her but made her very happy.

Mr. Tison, the group’s supervisor has assured everyone that life goes on as normal and they will still be playing the same numbers in the future. “There is no need to change them,” Tison said. “It worked once, why wouldn’t it work again?”

We love a positive attitude, good fortune and bouncy little Min-Pins like Stella.  Had Stella learned to “come” on command at dog obedience class, opening the door might not have taken as long and that ticket might never have been purchased.  But it would have helped them avoid freezing in the cold trying to get Stella to “open” the door.

These stories remind us about why our dogs are our best friends and constant companions.  If you know of any fun dog stories, please contact us so that we can share!