Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

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Looking for a great versatile toy for your dog?  Consider West Paw Design’s Toppl™.  Tested by Acme Canine’s daycare and boarding dogs, it received 4 tail wags for durablity and highly enjoyable and is perfect for smaller dogs, bigger dogs and clever dogs.

The Toppl is made of a soft rubbery plastic (Zogoflex material) which when in use, does not make a considerable amount of noise – in comparison to the hard plastic Kong Wobblers. The large Toppl fits approximately 1/2 cup of food. The small most likely 1/4-1/3 cup.  The neat thing about them is that they can be interlocked into another toy.

“It’s almost like a KONG Classic Kong and a KONG Wobbler had babies and produced offspring. Individually, each Toppl piece works similarly to a Kong but when interlocked, the small Toppl & the large Toppl work similar to a Wobbler.” writes an Amazon reviewer.


► Floats in Water – Durable Play Treat Dispensing Toy
► Interlocking ring design links small Toppl + large Toppl for a treat puzzle challenge (sold separately)
► Slide it in the dishwasher! Easy to clean for a quick treat change up.
► Made in USA – BPA and Phthalate Free – Recyclable

Check out their video:

Looking for other treat dispensing toys?  contact Acme Canine.

Have a product you’d like us to test?  Send us the product’s name and where it can be obtained and your favorite Central Ohio dog boarding center will do the rest!