November 2015 Dog of the Month

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Max is a 19 lb 4-year-old Beagle owned by the Spradlin family who wanted a well mannered dog that didn’t run away.  They were concerned about his behavior issues which included chewing on everything, digging, stealing things and chasing bunnies and birds.
The Spradlins wanted to be very involved with Max’s training so we worked at their home on an individual basis to improve his obedience and behavior issues, as well as to gain better communication with Max.
Max did great.  He learned to focus on his owners and perform all his commands reliably.  But that wasn’t the end of our relationship.  Over the years Max has stayed with us while the Spradlins are away.  Always a pleasure and a gentleman among the other dogs, Max has become one of Acme’s favorites.

The staff at Acme Canine is proud of the accomplishments made by the Spradlins and honored to have Max as our November Dog of the Month.

Acme Canine Resource Center is looking for dogs with responsible owners who have trained with Acme to be our featured Dog-of-the-Month. 

Interested? To enter, send a digital picture of your dog, a list of the training and services in which your dog has participated, and a brief paragraph describing you and your dog’s Acme experience. (Read more)