DOG TRICK: Shoot the Hoop

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This dog trick includes the combination of GET and DROP.

To teach your dog to GET a toy, start by giving a treat each time your dog pays attention to the toy, then only when he touches the toy, then only when he picks up the toy and finally one when he picks up the toy and brings it to you.

You can teach DROP by physically opening your dog’s mouth, while using the word DROP.

Now for the Hoop Shot.

Hold the hoop in your lap and say GET toy.  When your dog gets near to drop the toy into your hand, move teh hoop so he drops the toy into it and say DROP.

Later, when your dog is regularly dropping the toy in the hoop, say SHOOT THE HOOP DROP.  Then overtime say SHOOT THE HOOP drop with the drop quieter than shoot the hoop.

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