Spike Says, “To Improve Dog Behavior; Please Train the Human Pups”

Spike here, with a topic that’s pretty important to me! A lot of people focus on dog behavior and puppy training- and you should, we can get a little rowdy sometimes- but an often overlooked part of any home or school environment should be child training- er, safety. My people here at Acme Canine have a great, inexpensive program to help children learn to safely interact with family pets and unknown dogs too! They call it a Child Dog Safety Talk.

Child Dog Safety teaches your human pups all about safety with dogs and pets, including my favorite command- er, request, be gentle. Usually that means that I’m about to get a little bit of love and a nice, gentle scratching! The workshop is fun to help with, as children get instruction, multiple demonstrations, and handouts to take home for extra practice. They even get crayons (and a coloring book so they don’t color on poor Woofie, our demo dog).

The great thing is, my people here, will be happy to come to you to train your children, just like they do with us canines! Even better, they’ll present for groups of students at schools, daycares, in the home, or to a family. My favorite is when we get to help children overcome their fear of dogs. We’re not very scary when you know how to safely interact with us- the most dangerous thing I’ll do is lick you!

Another great way to use this workshop is for classrooms, or families, who may have service animals joining them soon. Acme Canine is more than happy to make sure your family knows how to behave, just as much as they’re ready to make sure your pup knows how to behave. By making sure both the people and the canines in your home can stay safe and communicate clearly, they’ll help you build a better relationship with your pet!

Contact AcmeCanine today to plan a classroom, daycare, or family training needs and, most importantly, keep everyone safe and happy together.