Turkey legs for Dogs

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You probably already know that turkey legs or really any animal bone are not the best things to give to your dog.  We have a possible alternative.

Nylabone Big Chews Turkey Leg is made of extra tough nylon that’s long lasting, and designed to stand up to the most powerful chewer. Perfect for the dog that needs a safe and healthy outlet for their natural desire to chew.

We’ve tried quite a few of the heavy-duty chew toys out there, with disappointing results.

This Nylabone Big Chew is virtually indestructible having been tested in clinics and kennels, satisfying even the most aggressive chewers. So strong that some owners have reported their dogs have broken teeth chewing on the leg and Nylabone has included a warning that the bone should not be used with dogs that have permanent teeth.

As with any toy, especially those your dog chews, supervision is important. When your dog chews through the ENDS of the bones, it is time to replace it. The Turkey leg has a huge end so it should last a VERY long time.

We also like the Nylabone Turkey Leg since unlike animal bones it doesn’t splinter and can be put in the dishwasher to keep it clean between chewing sessions.

So if you’re looking for an out of the box way to share Thanksgiving with your dog, consider this product. It is now available in the Woofie Shop.