Acme Canine is a strong paw print in the Central Ohio dog community.

We are proud to be part of the community we serve. As a small, independent dog training company, our clients are our neighbors – the people we know by name. Our business is built on a very simple philosophy: Provide the best canine resources to our clients, by a well trained, friendly and caring team. Combine it with a fun atmosphere and we call it Acme Canine!

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Did you know

We look for opportunities to support other local businesses and non-profit dog related organizations, to improve responsible dog ownership and help keep money and jobs in the community…

  • We volunteer our time speaking on dog related topics at local libraries, schools and Safety towns
  • We provide therapy dogs for the Ohio State University Wellness days
  • We contribute to local nonprofit organizations and each year select a specific non profit to raise $1,000 to assist them
  • We offer an internship program for the Ohio State University students interested in dog-related business
  • We collect pet food donations for WALOP and Hospets
  • Our website partner is a local business
  • Our signage is by a neighborhood business
  • Our logowear (T-shirts) are printed by a neighborhood business
  • Our artwork is created by local artists

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Acme Canine Jingle

Clifford’s jingle was just the catchy tune we were looking for, and fits in well with our personality. Coming to a radio, sock hop or iPod near you soon! Check out the lyrics!