Dogcentric boarding and daycare that fits your dog’s temperament and personality

Some dog owners assume that incessant barking, missed meals, diarrhea, and kennel cough are just a normal part of the dog boarding experience. This does not need to be the case if temporary living environments are structured to meet and accommodate the stresses of being a dog and if you use a canine resource facility.

After 12 years in the kennel business Acme Canine knows a thing or two about good boarding and daycare facilities.  That’s why we recommend Passion Four Paws.

about Passion Four Paws

The founder of Passion Four Paws, Aimee Gioia, has been caring for dogs professionally since 2007 and became a certified dog trainer in 2013.  She and her staff deliver the best possible dog boarding and daycare services for your four-legged family members.  Their Lewis Center facility – which has been nicknamed the “Canine Clubhouse” – provides a healthy, fun and safe environment for your dog to stay, whether it’s just for the day or while you’re away!  The kennels are spacious, the atmosphere is homelike (with someone on site 24 hours per day), and there’s plenty of space for fun and play both inside and outdoors.  Each dog staying with Passion Four Paws must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and understand basic obedience; this creates a hygienic and calm environment, reducing stress and health risks for all!  Aimee served as Acme Canine’s Kennel Manager in 2016, and she could not be more excited to take over the kennel facility and carry on the dedication to quality and care that was established by Acme.