Now and Forever…continuing your friend’s education while enriching your canine knowledge

Canine relationships are constantly changing so Acme Canine offers dog owners a membership opportunity designed to expand your dog knowledge, build confidence and reliability with communicating with your dog as well as enrich your relationship.

What will you learn from our time together?  This is the fun part…the part where our experienced team of certified trainers can give your positive pointers to keep you and your dog on the right track.  As a member, you are now part of the Acme Canine family, and we are your canine resource coaches.  We stand ready to assist you.

As a member you can:  ask training questions by email; visit Spike’s Blog for in depth information on all things dog; read our monthly e-newsletter, the Bark; watch the videos we created to help you with dog obedience and puppy development and download booklets and handouts on a variety of dog related items.


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