10 Amazing Health Benefits of Having A Dog

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In this article by  K9Nerds, they have prepared a list of 10 health benefits that result from having a dog.

In most cases, the dog is an unconditionally devoted friend and faithful companion of games. However, few people know that the aura of this dog can positively affect the health of the owner.

  1. You Are More Resistant to Allergies.

Although dogs are troublesome for someone who is allergic to them, it turns out that raising children at home with dogs is conducive to lowering the risk of allergies later in life. Even a mother who is surrounded by a dog during pregnancy can help. So, if you are thinking about having a child or you already have one, think about getting a puppy.

  1. Less Sick.

People hate bacteria. We have already seen ads with abominations that inhabit every corner of our home and our body. Each of us also knows someone who carries a bottle of antibacterial liquid everywhere. It turns out, however, that the more often we are exposed to bacteria, the less we get sick.

And dogs are full of them! Keeping your dog at home allows our immune system to overcome their bacteria causing our bodies to be better prepared for a possible fight against the disease.

  1. You Move More.

Dogs require a lot of care, a big part of which is walking and playing a few times during the day. In practice, this means that dog owners walk about 30 minutes a day more than other people, and we all know what impact movement has on health.  So, make sure that you take your dog for a walk every day and provide him with entertainment and a bit of movement.

When you do start moving more, you may also want to consider protein powders for runners to help keep your stamina up and body feeling good.

      7. You Are More Active Socializing.

Studies show that people trust strangers more if they are accompanied by a dog.  They also admit that they would be more likely to interact with the person who walks with the dog. Also, as it turns out, the dog can help you acquire new friends.

  1. The Dog Can Help You Fight Stress.

Consider talking with your employer for permission to bring dogs to the office. Show him the results of the research, which proves that people who work in the surroundings of dogs have significantly reduced levels of stress. Consequently, people who do not bring their pets, over time become more and more stressed. More stress means less energy, which means less productivity. That should interest your boss.

  1. You Will Be Happier.

Dog owners show a lower risk of depression than those who do not. Even people suffering from clinical depression, having a dog to take care of can greatly help. The love and energy emitted by dogs pulls people out of bed and encourages them to be active.

  1. You Will Have A Healthier Heart.

Every aspect of having a dog can contribute to a healthier heart. Just stroking slows down your heartbeat and lowers your blood pressure. Studies also show that dog owners sleep better, and that also affects health.

  1. The Dog Can Detect Cancer.

This may sound strange, but it does not mean that it is not true. It turns out that dogs have the ability to smell cancer in the human body. There are many stories of dog owners around the world, whose pets stubbornly licked and sniffed a mole or clot on their body, so they went to the doctor and it turned out to be a cancerous change. It turns out that dogs are good at this.  Some are even trained specifically to detect cancer.

  1. The Dog Will Teach a Child Responsibility.

Many parents wonder if buying a dog is a good idea. If you think that the child has grown enough to take care of the dog, it is a good time to give it to him. Teach them how to deal with the animal.  This will make them become more empathetic, which is very important in life.

 Make You Feel Safe.

Dogs create a feeling of belonging to the owners and their homes. Therefore, they try to protect them from strangers. According to research, potential thieves usually get discouraged after hearing the dog barking. Having a dog will also make you feel safer leaving your home alone.

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