10 greatest items for dogs and dog lovers

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It’s what dog lovers know – a dog changes the way you see the world! Here’s your chance to share your love for Dogs  with some great products

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Cynologist

If you have a dog, chances are, you would do almost anything for them. Between nighttime cuddles and fur all over your clothes, warm puppy kisses, and planning your entire life around their bathroom habits — there’s a powerful and tangible bond that exists between humans and dogs.

We get it!  And so we came up with a list of 10 great products for dogs or their owners. Acme Canine or dogs have tested each of the products listed below in our care, and we believe the product would be great for your dog or YOU.

Click on the photos to read a complete review of the product as well as learn where you can purchase them.

Bixbi treats


Dog is Good apparel


Game Changer dog toy


Harness Lead 


Kong toys 



Nonscents deodorizer


Volhard Dog Nutrition


Wash n Zip dog beds


Zen Clippers


Zoom Groom


There you have it 10 (well maybe 9 1/2 since Kong makes the Zoom Groom) great products for you and your dog.  Acme Canine has been using them for years and is still happy to recommend them.  We think you will enjoy them too!

Let’s talk dogs, or even better, let’s learn about dogs.  Set aside some time to receive Spike’s dog blogs by Acme Canine.


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