Canine Conversations: Tips For Socializing Your Puppy

Bringing a new addition into your home is an exciting and busy time, especially when that addition is a fluffy, four-legged puppy. In between potty-training your pup and acclimating it to its new surroundings, you also need to prioritize socialization. Socializing your puppy will help it become comfortable in new and different situations, teach it how to act in public settings (known as petiquette), and help ward off future behavior issues.

BrewDog: the hoppiest place on earth and a super place for dogs

As a dog-lover, we know that while traveling is tremendous, the toughest part is leaving our canine family members at home. But things have changed recently in Columbus thanks to Governor Kasich signing a bill allowing restaurants to permit dogs in outdoor eating areas. And located in the outskirts of Canal Winchester, BrewDog is the perfect spot to bring your canine companion.

Consequence; the “evil word” of Canine Accountability

Your dog isn’t jumping on your friend because he’s afraid of the doorbell. Nor is he pulling you to the ground while lunging after the cat that just passed for the same reason. Your dog has no manners because you’ve allowed him to practice bad behavior time and time again with zero accountability.

What can you do about this? Learn how to use praise and proper correction.