DOG PRODUCT REVIEW: Personal Experience with the BarkWise Bark Collar

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By Guest Blogger, Miss Moneypenny

I have a confession, sometimes I get excited and howl.  Maybe a bit too much but I’m a hound.  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

Well the other day my owners bring home this black collar with a box on it and put it on me.  It feels like my usual collar only a little tighter.  They’re always trying new contraptions on me so I figure this is just one of those things they’re going to test on me.  I was right.

This collar was a bark collar by BarkWise.  Good Life makes it to control barking.  They say it is a “safe, humane, and effective alternative to shock collars” but boy are they wrong.

The first time I howled I heard a crazy high pitched sound and the collar vibrated.  I looked everywhere to see where noise was coming from but couldn’t figure it out.  I tried howling again and that noise came back.  It didn’t really bother me but it did catch my attention. I guess it stopped me from barking.

Then I noticed my sister, Autumn, was hiding under the desk.  It made me wonder if the noise I was hearing was also being heard by her so I howled again.  Sure enough Autumn ran from under the desk to under the table.

I think my owners noticed this as well ‘cause I saw them writing on the computer to Good Life.  Turns out, according to Good Life, “If the other dog is within 5 feet of the collar they may hear it but it should be a weaker sound then what the dog wearing the collar is hearing.”  Guess Autumn is more sensitive to noise than we thought.

I did some investigative work myself.  Turns out the BarkWise people try to scare dog owners from using e-collars.  They show a man wearing an e-collar on his neck.  Anyone who knows dogs knows we have a lot more muscle and fur on our necks than humans.  This guy must be an idiot.

They also talk about how “shock collars can be potentially be unsafe and confusing for dogs.”  Any piece of equipment used to train dogs can be unsafe or confusing if not used correctly.  Then BarkWise goes on to say “it has been designed to stop bad habits while keeping your dog safe and happy.”

I don’t think they asked Autumn how safe and happy she felt after being near this collar.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  I haven’t seen that collar since the test.  Kind of glad, I don’t think it really works.

For a complete review of the BarkWise Bark Control Collar by GoodLife check out the BarkWise blog review on Spike’s Dog Blog.

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