3 Benefits of Buying A Non-Toxic Mattress for Your Pet

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You wouldn’t knowingly buy a mattress that’s covered in chemicals for yourself or your family members. In the same way, it’s always a good idea to avoid a non-toxic mattress for your pet too.

By Guest Blogger, Sleep Report

Just like human beds, mattresses for animals come in several different designs, shapes, and sizes. While some are made from organic materials, others can be dangerous to your furry friend’s quality of life.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new bed for your pet, or you’re buying a full-size plush mattress for both you and your four-legged pal to sleep on, then there are some important reasons why you should always check that there aren’t any dangerous chemicals on the product first.

1.    You Won’t Have to Worry About Fire Retardants

While you don’t want a bed that’s going to burst into flames at the first sign of heat, you also don’t want something that’s covered in fire retardants either. Both pet beds and mattresses for humans are often sprayed with toxic chemicals to make them less vulnerable to fire. While items that have been coated in fire retardants are supposed to burn more slowly, the chemicals don’t just stay confined in the fabrics.

Usually, flame retardant chemicals are constantly off-gassing – which is why you might notice a strange smell when you first unwrap a new bed. Eventually, you won’t notice the smell, but you and your pets will still be exposed to dangerous substances that you could inhale daily. One ubiquitous flame retardant chemical used on both pet beds and mattresses is PBDEs. These substances have been shown to contribute to health problems in pets and people. Fortunately, with a non-toxic bed, you can avoid many of these toxic chemicals completely, so you and your pet can breathe easily.

2.    Your Air Quality Will Improve

Speaking of breathing easy, you’ll improve your air quality too. Ultimately, the air quality in most homes isn’t as good as it could be. Even with an organic mattress, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re using natural cleaning products and allowing your home to air out regularly, so you can avoid unnecessary health issues. However, with a mattress covered in toxins, your air quality suffers even more than usual.

While you might not notice the difference between bringing a toxic pet bed or mattress into your house, your pet will. Your animals generally spend more of their time indoors, which means that they can be more negatively affected by the presence of indoor air pollution. The more chemicals seep into the air, the greater your pet’s risk of respiratory ailments becomes. On the other hand, with a non-toxic mattress, you can keep exposure to air-based pollutants to an absolute minimum.

3.    Toxic Chemical Ingestion Is Not an Issue

Finally, you probably know that your pet has a habit of licking, biting, and chewing almost everything in your home. Whether you’re investing in a new mattress for you or one for your fur baby, there’s a good chance that it will get chewed on or at least accidentally licked from time to time.

If the mattress you choose is covered in chemicals, this exposes your pet to the ingestion of some hazardous substances, which could be just as bad as being exposed to small doses of poison. The problem is particularly significant for cats, who are constantly grooming themselves and consuming the toxic chemicals collected on their skin and fur. With non-toxic mattresses, you won’t have to panic about what could happen if your pet accidentally chews on your mattress. To know more about this topic, read more here.

Stick to Non-Toxic Beds

Whether you’re buying a new mattress for you and your furry friend to share, or you’re buying a bed specifically for your pet, make sure that you double-check it first. Stick to organic materials whenever you can and avoid chemicals or fire retardants as much as possible.

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