3 Fun and Easy Dog Training Tips for New Dog Owners

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When it comes to training dogs, you must do the proper amount and right kind of research to ensure that you are getting the best training tips possible.

by Guest Blogger, Kelsey Simpson

Training is key when you become a dog owner. If you don’t train your dog properly early on, you run the risk of dealing with bad behavior for the duration of the dog’s life.

Training is something that dog owners should take seriously, no matter how old they are. Whether you are a new dog owner in college, as an adult, or as a person who utilizes in-home care for seniors, training is not something to take lightly; however, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun and easy.

The Best Dog Training Tips for People of All Ages

Training is crucial. However, it can be fun and easy as long as you know what you are doing. Here are 3 fun and easy tips for dog owners of all ages.

1.   Treats are Important

This is a seemingly obvious tip. However, treats are more important than just teaching your dog to sit and stay. Treats will show your dog that good behavior is rewarded and will give your dog the incentive to behave and respect you and other humans. Ensure that you reinforce good behavior with treats, such as when your dog goes to the door when he or she has to go to the bathroom or when he or she drops what is in his or her mouth the first time you say so.

Likewise, as you train, switch back and forth between store-bought treats and high-value treats. Dogs will want high-value treats more and will work harder to get them. Use high-value treats for exceptional behavior, and use store-bought treats for frequent training purposes such as obeying commands to sit.

Also, be sure to reinforce good behavior. If you see your dog behaving well, reward him or her out of the blue. Your dog will learn that this behavior is praised.

2.   Provide the Right Amount of Exercise and Attention

To ensure that your dog has behaved, make sure that you are providing the right amount of exercise and attention at all times. Depending on what kind of dog you get, the exercise and attention needs will vary; however, you must take the time to take your dog on walks and to play with him or her.

Dogs that have pent-up energy are more likely to act up because they will be bored. Similarly, the more you exercise and play with your dog, the more that he or she will learn how to act during these times. For example, to properly train your dog not to pull while on a leash, you will need to walk him frequently. Or, to teach your dog not to get too crazy during playtime, you will need to show her what she can and can’t do while playing, such as nip.

3.   Puppy-Proof Your Home/ Crate Train

Before you get a dog, whether you are adopting a puppy or rescuing an older dog, puppy-proof your home and consider crate training. Puppy-proofing your home will eliminate the risk of your new furry friend destroying something that he or she should not and will allow you to give your dog more space. Puppy-proofing can mean picking up your items off the ground, or it can mean installing gates or a pen.

If you choose to crate train, you will be able to relax when you leave the house, knowing that your belongings are safe. Make it a point not to leave the dog in the crate too long as he or she may have an accident or get bored and destroy whatever is in the crate.

Train Now for Good Behavior Later

These are just some of the training tips you should keep in mind when you become a dog owner. Make sure that you put in the time and effort to train your dog so that you get to enjoy your furry best friend and so that his or her quality of life is the best that it can be. If you are having trouble training your dog after doing your own research, consider talking to a professional trainer to get expert advice.

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Kelsey Simpson enjoys writing about things that can help others. She lives in South Jersey and is the proud companion to two German Shepherds, and spends her free time volunteering in dog shelters.

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