3 Great Dog Tracking Apps for First-Time Owners

Dog tracking apps make it possible to keep tabs on your pup at home or work, when you’re out playing together and when you’re planning fun activities to share in the future.

By Guest Blogger, Jessica Brody

As a brand new dog owner, keeping track of your dog is one of your highest priorities. And not just to make sure they don’t pull a Houdini and slip out of your yard or apartment for a solo adventure. Keeping track of your pet is about knowing not just where they are but also how healthy, happy, and well-cared-for they are so that you can be the best owner possible.

So, it’s no surprise that many first-time dog owners turn to their phones for pet tracking technology. Dog tracking apps make it possible to keep tabs on your pup at home or work, when you’re out playing together and when you’re planning fun activities to share in the future.

As a responsible new pet owner, make sure that your phone has fast internet and is compatible with the latest pet apps. If it isn’t, consider updating to a newer model with longer battery life and enhanced features like the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s ultra-fast and sports a 16-hour battery duration, so you don’t have to worry about snagging a charger when out playing with your pup. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a terrific option for Android fans, with its extended battery, powerful chip, and generous memory. With an upgraded device, you can keep mobile tabs on your new dog at a distance and on the go.

Let’s dive into the three top dog tracking apps you can try and how they differ from one another.

FitBark Dog Fitness Tracking

Canine Journal explains that FitBark is exactly what it sounds like: a Fitbit-style fitness tracker for your dog. Shaped like a small rubber bone, the FitBark device clips onto your dog’s collar to monitor activity and vitals. It tracks not just breathing, heart rate, and running steps – it can also tell you if your dog is itchy when they are sick and if he is anxious when you’re away at work. From there, it provides an incredible amount of insight into the life and happiness of your dog.

While you’re looking for a fitness-tracking app for your pup, take a look around for an app that can help you track your exercise routine. Because once your dog begins their fitness routine, you’ll end up following suit! The LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer is an excellent way to stay on top of your routine and stream an assortment of awesome workouts.

Tractive Dog Walking App

As Petsho.com points out, the Tractive tracker and app feature a GPS chip in the collar device. Tracking your dog’s location is what Tractive does best. While it does not feature fitness and health monitoring, Tractive is fantastic at two essential dog-owner functions.

First, Tractive can help you find your dog if he’s on a solo adventure. Second, Tractive is designed to help you GPS-track and data-analyze your dog walks. Just hit the button when your walk begins, and it will show you the route you’ve taken, along with some interesting data about your walk. You can also catch walk photos along the way and keep track of your dog’s potty stops to ensure he’s getting what he needs while you’re out and about.

Whistle Runaway Pet Finder

Whistle is another GPS app specifically designed to help keep your pet safe if he’s out on his own. The best part about Whistle is that the app lets you know if your dog has strayed outside of a designated ‘safe zone’ like your yard or property. In this case, you can use Whistle to locate your dog and bring them safely back home.

Whistle allows you to set up multiple safe zones, like friend’s yards, the dog park, or your dog-friendly workplace. It also happens to track your dog’s activity level on a graph and hands out achievements for being healthily active.


These are three of the top dog tracking apps on the market to help you be a more relaxed and attentive pet owner. Each app will help you stay active with your pet, going for plenty of walks and play-time, and each has its unique additions to the pet owner experience. FitBark is great for keeping track of your dog’s health and working out together. Tractive is among the top-ranking dog-walker apps available, and Whistle is perfect if you have a little escape artist who loves to roam the neighborhood unsupervised.

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