3 Ways to Create a Healthy Environment for your Dog

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In many ways, being a dog owner is easy once you’ve done the basics. These include giving them basic obedience training, buying them toys, and making them comfortable with their new environment.

However, there are some small tips that dog owners often miss that can help make your dogs happier and healthier in your home.

Secure gaps where your dog might squeeze through

We all love dogs for their naturally curious and playful nature. Dogs have to release all that playful energy. So much so that sometimes, you’d find yourself wondering how your dog gets into places you’d never expect to see.

To make your home safer for your dogs and keep them from going where they shouldn’t be, you should take a closer look at your doors, windows, and backyard. Dogs can potentially learn how to let themselves through doors just by observing, and you’d be none the wiser. The backyard also isn’t the safest place for dogs to be let loose especially if you’re near wildlife.

Check to see if doors inside the house are secure enough, especially if you have larger dogs. You might think that your front and back doors are safe enough as they are, but people tend to overlook the other entries into the house. Doors with lever-operated knobs can be used by dogs easier than other mechanisms.

Be careful with squeaky toys

Many dogs cannot resist the sound of squeaky toys. They get excited over the softest squeaking sound eager to find where the sound is coming from.

Believe it or not, there’s a more in-depth scientific explanation for this. As dogs are descendants of wolves, they’ve retained their instinct to find squeaking noises, which sounds like terrified prey.

Their excitement when they here squeaking noises comes from the wolf-like killer instincts that dogs still have. Because of this, owners should mind when strangers, especially little children, use squeaky toys to play with dogs who have yet to finish proper dog training.

If you have other small pets such as hamsters, be careful with their wheels that make noises. As the squeak can incite some primal instincts, it’s best to make sure that you only have quiet hamster wheels in your home.

Slowly train your dogs to feel safe even when home alone

It’s always sad when we have to leave our dogs alone. As much as we miss our buddies, we have to go about our days and get things done.

You can make this a lot easier for your dog by following a routine when you’re just about to head out. Think about it: this might include switching off the lights, breaking into your favorite jacket, or even leaving them a snack.

Dogs can learn these “leaving home routines” over time, and it will help them relax if the morning is predictable. This will decrease the chances of them panicking each time you leave.

Exercise will also help here. Schedule in playtime to make your dog even more relaxed. Tiring them out makes it easier for them to stay calm.


These small changes to your home and routine can make a huge difference in not just the mood but as well as the safety of your beloved dog. Take the time to adjust your surroundings and reap the benefits of a happier and more playful dog for you and your family!

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