4 Things Every New Puppy Needs

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New puppies, and pets in general, need a lot of attention and care. As much attention as you give them, they will require more. There’s a point where you need to set boundaries and put rules into place to make sure they grow and adapt to your lifestyle. 

Whether you are new to having a dog or getting another addition to the family, these four tips will cover everything you need to know about your new puppy needs. 


All puppies that have been brought to a new home will find it difficult to understand where to sleep, go to the toilet, and how to eat. Without their parent, they may struggle to do fend for themselves. 

Training your puppy will help them learn about their new home, lifestyle, and how to fend for themselves. It also enforces the puppy to respond better to your actions if they do something wrong. If you need help with training your new puppy, you can find puppy training near me


There are many strict rules you should follow when you introduce the new puppy to your home. For instance, making sure they go to bed and eat at certain times. These rules will encourage them not to wake you in the middle of the night or beg for food after eating. 

Making sure a dog understands what is right and wrong will enforce them to stick to the rules. If they do wrong, you can let them know by not offering them a treat or not giving them as much attention. With a new puppy, be kind and not too harsh if they do wrong as they are learning. But, always encourage them to follow the rules.


Puppies need a routine put in place for them so they can attain well-balanced emotional wellbeing. Dogs are creatures of habit, so enforcing a routine will help them understand when to sleep, eat, walk, and more. 

Without a routine, a new puppy will require more attention due to confusion of time and lack of structure. A dog will not understand what is right or wrong unless you guide them. Puppies adapt to your lifestyle if you help them to. Routine is an important part of life for you as much as your puppy. 


Reward your puppy with praise, attention, and treats if it abides by the rules you have set. Giving them a treat, a cuddle, or more for dinner will let them recognize their rightful acts are a positive thing. 

From rewarding your new puppy, they will want to do more rightful acts to receive more rewards. It is a great learning curve for restless puppies and those that find it difficult to understand the rules. 

With those things set in place, your puppy will grow to be a respectful and understanding pet. It will make life easier for you as well as them. Remember to reward your puppy when they abide by set rules and routine, especially after training. This will encourage them to have a better bond with you and be more responsive. 

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