4 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog

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Holidays are among the best times to spend with our loved ones and dogs.

By Guest Blogger, Sherri Carrier

Most pet parents enjoy finding fun ways to include pets in the activities they will perform during the holidays. They also enjoy preparing activities suited for their dogs during this time. Holidays are a time to laugh, share experiences and make memories of spending time with our loved ones. Make sure you delegate all your work so that you can fully enjoy your time off. If you’re still in school, use ghostwriting services to manage your homework while you’re resting. This time is a wonderful opportunity to have some fun with your family and loved ones. However, there are numerous ways that you can make your furry friend feel important, special, and loved. During the holidays, you can choose to buy gifts for your pets or include them in family photos. If you want to much more than this, this article is ideal for you. If you are a pet parent who wants to have great moments with your pet, here are four simple tips for you.

Outdoor adventures

Pets are similar to human beings in many ways. They are all unique with different tastes. If your animal loves spending time outdoors regardless of the weather conditions, some exercise will be perfect for you and him. If you and your pet love playing in the snow, this will be a bonus treat. Most dogs are usually curious about snow. You’ll find them playing into and diving in the snow to satisfy their senses. Outdoor adventures are ideal for dogs because it enables them to expend their energies. If you don’t do this, they will redirect their energies in less desirable ways, which should not happen during the holiday season.

Special recipes

Most families have formed the habit of preparing a special dish during the holidays. Think of it as a family signature for most family members. Your pet needs to have its fair share if you want to include them in the special family tradition. Consider giving your pet something special beyond chewing toys and posts. You can do a quick Google search on the best pet-friendly dishes to get ideas on how to treat your pet. There are several cat and dog recipes online that you can use to prepare a delicious treat for your pet during the holidays. This will not only keep you busy but also show your pet how loving you can be.

Spend time together

The one thing that every pet wants is to spend quality time with their favorite human beings. All they need to thrive in your presence. This bond not only plays a role during the holidays, but it’s a way that animals use to trust human beings and learn how to love. Most of us have busy lives. And we often find it difficult to spend quality time with our pets. During the holidays, the best gift that you can give your pet is social time. Your presence will be valuable, and it will help in building a strong relationship with your pet. After all, the most important thing that you can do over the holidays is spent time with your loved ones. And that includes your pet.

Pet party

Holidays are amazing events that allow us to gather and socialize with loved ones who we don’t see as much as we would like. Most animals also enjoy interacting with their kind. It’s a great time to allow your furry friends to socialize and play with other animals. Some pet parents go a step further by hosting a pet exchange gift event. A fun photo during the holidays can provide a matching theme for all the pets present. This will not just create a beautiful picture, but it will create sweet memories for several years to come. Most pet parties incorporate games to ensure that their pets have a lively interaction.

Bonus tips

Holiday photos

Most families take photos during the holidays with their pets. If you take a family photo, it’s only right if everyone, including pets and, included. Some pet parents go a step ahead and take photos for their pets only. It would be best if you considered taking photos of your pet in slumber or close to several wrapped presents. Either way, a photo exclusive of your pet will create lasting memories as you’ll add them to your album.

Pet stocking

During the holidays, all family members get a stocking hung. And you should include your pet in this. Most pet owners ensure that their pets have a stocking hunt that gets filled with numerous treats, toys, and other pet-friendly products that you can give to the pet. This allows them to have delicious treats and participate in new activities for the year to come. When you do this, they’ll continue showering you with love and affection.

Pet safety tips during the holidays

While holidays will leave you feeling happy and loved, they can add many things that might not be ideal for your furry friend. Whether it’s consuming the wrong treat or playing with gift wrappers, the happiest time of your life can quickly turn to become a life-threatening situation for your pet. To minimize the risk of injury during the holidays, here are a few tips for you:

  • Prevent electrocutions: You should ensure that all exposed wires are taped to the walls of your house. Wires that extend away from the wall should be wrapped in a protective layer to make them less appealing to your furry friend.
  • Put gift wrappers away: Gift wrappings should be kept away from your pet, as they can lead to intestinal blockages when ingested. Also, scissors and other sharp metallic objects should not be left on the floor or low surfaces where your pet can easily access them.
  • Place your candles on high tables or shelves. Burning candles should not be on your pet’s way. You can’t tell where a curious cat or a wagging tail of your dog will land the candles. You should avoid leaving unsupervised candles, especially when your pets are around, to avoid serious injuries or, worse, burning your home.


These are some of the best ways to celebrate holidays with your furry friends. Whichever way you choose to have fun, remember to use the safety tips that we’ve discussed.

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