4 ways to open a poop bag without licking your fingers

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Looking for a way to open your dog poop bags without licking? Here are a couple of great suggestions.

Here is the issue with opening poop bags.

After experiencing the COVID restrictions, I can’t open poop bags or the bags at grocery stores anymore.

My former go-to method was licking my thumb and forefinger and rubbing the tops of the bag apart, which worked because the wetness from licking aided it. This is no longer an option due to concerns posed by the pandemic.

Without the lick, I’m clutching at an unopened plastic bag, encouraging it to assist me and become a bag. Yet the bag isn’t budging.

So I  took a poll with some of Acme Canine’s dog testers to see if this was an issue. Their answers were mixed. It appears some dog owners have the genetics to open these bags without the lick successfully. For those struggling, I have a couple of poop bag hacks that could help.

1. Use friction.

By using two hands and carefully applying friction in opposite directions (kind of like you are warming your hands), you can open a poop or grocery bag. This works best for people who have hands that tend to be on the moist side. I, for one, have very dry hands and had a hard time being successful every time.

A variation of this is to use your fingers on one side of the bag and place your thumb on the other side. Then rub them together. The bag SHOULD open. It didn’t work for me, but hopefully, it will for you.

2. Snap the bag.

Another way several dog owners suggested to open a poop bag is by pinching the corner of the bag with your thumb and middle finger. Then squeeze and snap your fingers. They swear by it, but either my fingers are particularly dry…or something because it only worked randomly for me.

3. Use the wetness around you.

This tip of touching the wetness of the ground and using that wetness to open the bag worked. I touched the dew on the grass, brought my fingers to the bag, and voile, the bag opened. I do have a concern, though, as the weather in Ohio gets colder and temperatures reach freezing, it won’t seem as easy to do with bare hands, so I decided to do more research and found the last hack.

4. Get a poop bag opener.

Acme Canine was contacted by Travis, the owner of Dog n Love, LLC, based in Denver, Colorado. He asked if our dog testers would like to review their new product, designed to open bags while wearing winter gloves (poop, grocery, or likewise). And it is easily attached to your dog’s leash!

The poop bag opener is created with friction-infused material to give leverage and open bags quickly and easily. ‘A revolutionary technology guaranteed to make your life easier.’

This means opening dog poop bags just got super easy. And it costs only $8.00.

How to use:

Step 1: Attach to your leash or bag holder

Step 2: Place a new bag inside The Original Poop Bag Opener

Step 3: Pinch & Twist your fingers allowing the friction infused material to open the bag

Step 4: Pet your pup

Money-Back Guarantee

They are so confident that you’ll enjoy using The Original Poop Bag Opener that every purchase comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you do not love it after 14 days, send them an email to info@poopbagopener.com, and DognLove will issue a full refund. No questions, no hassle… but let’s be honest. You are going to love it!


K-9% of all profits are donated to service dog-related organizations. Their mission is to give all dogs and their humans a happier life together. It is also an essential product in this age of Covid.

Final words

Did I mention I love this poop bag opener? It works wonderfully for cleaning up after Penny. I ended up keeping another one in my purse to use at the grocery store to open produce and check-out bags, and no more licking my fingers or struggling to get bags open. Just use The Original Poop Bag Opener, and the job is done.

Acme Canine gives Dog n Love’s Original Poop Bag Opener 4 paws up for company integrity, customer satisfaction, and their community-minded mission. We are adding them to our list of Acme Approved products as well.

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