4th of July and your Dog

It’s time to celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of BBQ and fireworks.

Eating watermelon and watching fireworks on the TV is great and all.

Why not make this holiday weekend special with some good old-fashioned Fourth of July fun with your dog.

Keeping in step with your dog starts with keeping your dog fit. Even more so than human beings, dogs need exercise to stay healthy, happy, and out of mischief.

Many dogs love to tag along while their owners.  Consider taking them on your picnic, hiking, or camping.  While on your hike, do your part to keep the park safe and pleasant for others: clean up after your dog!

Most dogs get fun and enjoyment out of a simple game of fetch. Throw a ball, play frisbee or toss a stick.  Remember, smell is your dog’s strongest sense, so get his nose involved: give him a good whiff of the object before you throw it. Your dog should never control the length or intensity of play; you should be in charge of the game’s rules and decide when the activity starts and ends!

Swimming is another great exercise for dogs and a great bonding experience.  It also provides relief from the heat! It’s low-impact, so it doesn’t stress the joints of older or arthritic animals. It also works many muscles at the same time. While not all dogs are natural swimmers, most can learn to enjoy it.

No matter what physical activity you engage in, enjoy the sunshine and your dog’s companionship.

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