5 Cat-Owner Essentials

If you’re getting a kitten or cat, it can sometimes be difficult to know what cat basics you should get for your new clawed friend.

When it comes to pet equipment, there are a lot of things that you can do without. If you’ve ever had a cat, you’ll know that they will walk right past your fancy new cat palace and right into the box that it came in.

So, here is your ultimate guide to cat products with five cat-owner essentials.

1. Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is pretty much as basic as it gets as far as owning a cat is concerned. It is also one of the most crucial things, especially if you have an indoor cat.

Without kitty litter that your kitten is able to do their business in, you’ll find that your furniture and floors will gain a whole new smell, and believe me, you won’t enjoy it.

Make sure that you remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to kitty litter, so it’s sometimes a good idea to spend a little extra money to ensure that your litter locks the odor in.

2. Food (And an Automatic Feeder)

The great thing about cats is that they’re generally self-sufficient. With an automatic feeder, you can trust that your cat will be fed and happy all day, whether you’re home or at work.

Cat feeder automatic wet food dispensers are everywhere, and each one has its pros and cons, so make sure that you do your research on brands and styles before you buy.

Automatic feeders are definitely an essential pet supply for those who want pet-ownership to be easy.

3. A Sturdy Scratching Post

Another important cat essential is a sturdy scratching post. This is another tool that will save your floors and furniture.

Find a post with a rubber base, and the heavier the better, as the playful attacks by your kitten can get quite vigorous. You’ll want one that is able to stay stable and upright when the playing gets rough.

Height is another quality that you should look for in a scratching post. It should be at least as tall as your cat is when it’s standing on its hind legs. Scratching posts are very important for your cat to get some serious playtime without ruining your couches.

4. Collar and Carrier

Transportation for your cat is absolutely necessary. Your cat will need a collar for you to be able to control him/her when they are squirmy or try to run away. With a collar, you can attach a tag that has your contact information in case your kitten ever gets lost.

You’ll also need a carrier for your cat for when you need to bring him/her with you anywhere you need to go. Whether you need to head to the vet or if you need to evacuate in case of an emergency.

5. Toys

With this essential, you’re protecting both your couch and your hands. If your cat doesn’t have any toys to play with, your hands and fingers will be their next target.

While it may be cute to let them play with your hands when they’re kittens, it is a hard habit to break when they get older and it hurts more.

Buy them plenty of toys that will stimulate their minds and paws to keep them from behaving poorly. Your fingers and your furniture will thank you. Also, when buying toys for your cat you can also look for yourself these artsy cat puzzles for cat lovers. It will be a good brainstorming for you.

When it comes to adopting a new kitten, it may feel like there are countless cat products that are advertised as being “absolute must-haves for any cat owner”. With these five necessary supplies, you can rest easy knowing that your cat has everything he/she needs for a happy life.

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