5 Effective Tools To Pick Up Dog Waste

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Surprisingly, there are a variety of tools available to pick up dog waste

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Cynologist

There are quite a few different tools designed for picking up dog excrement. You just need to figure out which ones are the best for you.

Shovels and a bucket

Some people use a shovel and bucket and bury the waste in the yard.  Others collect the waste and throw it in the garbage.

If you want to dispose of the waste outdoors, septic or other sewage disposal system may do a better job of handling potentially infectious material.

Scooper tools

Scooper tools can make the job easier. These are usually lighter in weight than a shovel and more customized for the pickup task. You can tote along a bucket or bag to save steps.

If bending is difficult for you, a long-handled scooper tool may be your better choice. Some of these are designed to work with disposable bags.

Plastic bags

A simple plastic bag slipped over your hand like a glove makes an efficient and completely clean pickup tool. A latex glove is also useful. A wide variety of bags will work, making this one way to recycle. Simply pick up the poop, turn the bag inside out to enclose it, tie the top, and deposit it in a legal container. This system works well on outings as well as at home.

Pet Waste Service

In many communities, you can hire a service to pick up dog poop from your yard on a regular schedule. If there’s not a service near you and you’re an enterprising person, it could make a great business for you.

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