5 Great Apps and Tech to Improve Pet Care

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If you’re a pet owner, you know how important your animals are to you. The same applies if you provide pet care for a living.

You want your furry friends to be in good hands so why not give yourself – whether you are the owner or the caretaker – an advantage?  You can do so by using the right technology. Here are a few of the tools that we recommend:

1. Dog Tracking Collars

A popular item many dog walkers and dog owners have nowadays are tracking collars. Microchips are still a good idea in case a collar comes loose, but a tracking collar is the next best thing. If you’re a dog owner, you can track your dog’s location in case they get out. You can also simply track them around a dog park. If you’re a pet caregiver, you can use it for the same purpose. You can also use it to make sure the pet sitter you left your dog with is walking your dog.

Something to note though is that apps can only help you if you’re prepared. If your smartphone dies while you’re using an app while walking your dog, for instance, it won’t be much use. It might be worth it to buy a portable charger. Even better, you can search for charging cases, like a charging iPhone case from Casely. If you set yourself up for success, these apps will be the perfect tools for great pet care!

2. Pet Sitting

If you are looking for a caregiver or hoping to become one, apps like Rover and Wag are popular places to browse. Both have screening processes for their sitters to make sure that they are only providing legitimate offers. Pet owners can meet with and hire trusted, experienced people, to take care of their pets while they’re away.

These apps also allow the filtering of caretakers, communication methods, and the chance to review the pet sitter at the end. It’s a good way to make sure your pets are looked after, all from your smartphone!

3. Activity Tracking Apps

Apps like DogSync, My Pet, and PetDesk (among others) are great ways to track various tasks related to your animals. This could be anything from logging when you feed them or give them water, clean out the litter or take them for a walk, take them to the vet, or anything else. It’s also a good source to have for check-ups and other vet appointments. Instead of trying to scramble to remember, you’ll have any information they need in one spot!

4. Games – for Pets!

Most games you can find on smartphones are for cats, but there are some sound-based activities for dogs, too. You can find a number of interactive games for cats. Many of them involve “fishing” – your cat taps the screen to “catch” its prey. It’s a cute, fun way to provide some entertainment for your kitty with only a smartphone or tablet!

Similarly, you can find some fun apps for dogs. Clicker training apps may not be “games”, but they are a handy tool for training your dogs!

5. Budget Apps

This one is more for you than your pet. If you have budget troubles, there are apps specifically designed to track pet care expenses for you! These can help you budget for food, care, and any spare change for treats and toys. These apps help give your furry friend quality care without breaking the bank.


Anyone with an animal knows it’s not easy to care for them. Use the technology in your hands, like your smartphone to make pet care easier and more fun for both of you!

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