5 Hardworking Dog Breeds for Life on the Farm

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While it may seem peaceful to live life in the countryside, anyone who maintains a farm knows it comes with quite a lot of hard work. Many farmers would agree that running a farm requires all the help you can get.

That’s why a dog is one of the best gifts for farmer friends. Before farm dogs became beloved household pets, they were used as extra help for herding animals and guarding livestock. Farm dogs are crucial to maintaining order and protecting other animals from danger.

If you or someone you know is running a farm and seeking a way to make farm life easier, consider one of the farm dog breeds below.

1. Standard Schnauzer

You may be surprised to hear us list the Standard Schnauzer as a popular dog breed for life on the farm. Surprisingly, they’re extremely useful to have running around.

These sturdy, medium-sized dogs first gained their title as farm dogs in Germany. Schnauzers are helpful for herding livestock like sheep and cattle, as well as exterminating pesky rodents. They have a reputation for being good retrievers in water and on land.

2. Australian Shepard

Australian Shepards are shaggy, medium-sized farm dogs with lots of intelligence and energy. They can be too energetic for domestic, indoor house life. Because they have such a history of being a working companion, they require a lot of socialization and can be quite destructive if left with no activity for too long.

Their energy and disposition make them great to have on a farm. Australian shepherds were bred to be working and herding farm dogs. Their medium build and agility that doesn’t tire easily make them a good candidate for herding cattle and sheep.

3. Dalmatian

Dalmatians are an energetic breed that we mostly associate as companions to firefighters. However, they have many qualities that make them excellent candidates for life on the farm as well.

Dalmatians are known as descendants from the first dogs of war. They were popularly used to run beside horse-drawn carriages to protect the horses from other predators on the road. They are very energetic and need a great deal of exercise.

These protective dogs would be a great asset to any farmer who’s interested in a brave companion on the farm.

4. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain dogs, or the Great Pyrenees as they’re called in North America, are gentle giants who are very loyal and protective over their owners. For this reason, they make great pets for families. This protective nature is also incredibly helpful to any farmer.

Pyrenean Mountain dogs are great at protecting livestock. They act as a watchdog, barking and making vocal threats when they suspect a predator is nearby. Farmers would benefit from having Pyrenean Mountain dog to serve as a vigilant guardian at night.

5. Border Collie

These dogs are mentally and physically agile dogs bred to herd sheep. Originating from the borders of Scotland, Border Collies are hardworking dogs with endless energy and a good work ethic.

They are incredibly smart and intuitive, which makes them easy to train for life and responsibilities on the farm. Plus, their pleasant disposition and loving energy make them loyal family pets as well.


If you’re having a hard time balancing the workload that comes with running a farm, a canine companion may be right for you. With an energetic and loyal disposition, these breeds are great for socialization while living in the rural countryside. They also keep your property and animals guarded and safe, making them the perfect gift for both the farm and family.

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