5 Pet-Friendly Summer Vacation Spots

Leaving your four-legged family member home while you vacation can be stressful for both you and your dog.  So why not take them on your vacation.

by Guest Blogger, Catherine Workman

Of course, wonderful boarding facilities exist, and freelance pet sitters are always an option as they allow your pet the comfort of living at your or a sitter’s home while you are away. Some will even perform check-ins and daily walks. Yet as a pet parent, the ideal vacation will allow you to bring your pet along for the adventure. Here are a few great destinations for you and your pet.

  1. Doggy Kayaking in Key West

Key West, Florida, is a great place to go if your dog loves water. Doggy kayak services are available to take you and your dog to a private dog park located on a sand bar where they can romp, splash and dig with other vacationing dogs. The surrounding dog-friendly beaches are guaranteed to make you and your dog’s summer vacation great.

  1. Leash-Free Carmel Beach City Park

In California, a little place called Carmel has been referred to as “dog heaven.” With no restrictions on leashes, numerous dog-friendly sites, and beautiful beaches, Carmel is one the best beach vacation getaways to bring your pup to, particularly if he is a water-lover.

  1. Los Angeles for Big and Small Dogs

City life may be what’s comfortable for some of the smaller dogs out there. Strolling through the city, exploring dog parks, and doing some shopping can be a dream vacation for some. If urban streets aren’t your thing, Los Angeles also boasts beautiful nature reserves and hikes that are mostly canine-friendly. Bigger dogs might enjoy barreling along a California trail rather than meandering through the city itself. Just be sure to bring plenty of water.

  1. Cruises are Always an Option

Seattle, Washington, is the location of Dog Day on Elliot Bay. This scenic day trip takes you to an uninhabited island off Elliot Bay with acres and acres of dog-friendly beaches. They even provide meals for both you and your canine companion. Unfortunately, this is not a regular event. It occurs once a year in the summer. Check online for the upcoming date!

  1. San Diego and Dog-Friendly Dining

Not only can San Diego offer beautiful beaches and a sprawling city, but San Diego can also offer numerous off-leash parks, dog-friendly restaurants, and doggy ice cream shacks. Regardless of your kind of vacation, odds are San Diego has it. Take your pup to an off-leash beach and top the day off with a treat from the doggy bakery. They will love you even more by the end of your San Diego vacation.

Leaving your furry friend behind for a summer getaway can really put a damper on the excitement of vacationing. Instead of struggling with worry and guilt over your pup, take him with you! There are countless vacations across the U.S. and even internationally that are family-friendly, even when your family members have four legs. Remember, it’s not easy barking at cars, napping all day, and begging for food. Your pet probably needs the vacation just as much as you do!

about the author

Catherine Workman grew up in a small town where she yearned to stretch her wings. Now that she’s left the nest, she spends every available weekend exploring different cities across the country and, someday, across the world. She started WellnessVoyager.com with her friends to share her travels and experiences and hopes to inspire others to embrace the world’s hidden gems.