5 Reasons to Invest in an Invisible Dog Fence

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Installing a fence is something worth considering for all canine owners, as it benefits both the owner and the animal.

A fence allows your pup to exercise in an environment that differs from the inside of a house. With a fence installed in a spacious yard, your dog can roam more freely without being tied down by a leash.

With invisible dog fences on the market, you can offer your dog the freedom and safety it deserves while keeping your yard’s looking fence-free. Here are 5 reasons why an invisible fence is the best fence for dogs and why you need to invest in one.

You Can Install One without a Professional’s Help

 The installation of an invisible dog fence does not require an electrician’s extensive knowledge. It is a process that can be completed by the homeowner within a day.

Invisible fences consist of electrically charged wires that are installed three to four inches underground. Two other essential components of an invisible fence are the home base monitoring/transmitting device and a receiver on your dog’s collar. Whenever your pooch nears the boundary line you’ve established, small shocks in the collar will discourage it from proceeding further.

Avoid the Headache of Restrictions

Some neighborhoods have restrictions on the types of fencing that they allow their residents to install. For example, deed-restricted areas can set height, material, or design limitations on the fences that are set to be installed.

The nature of an invisible dog fence allows you to avoid tiptoeing around community restrictions. The border of the fence is underground, so it won’t be an eyesore to your neighbors. The fence’s transmitting device is often located somewhere out of sight, like the garage, and the receiver blends into your dog’s collar! No one will be bothered by your invisible fence, and it will satisfy your dog’s adventurous nature.

Rest-Assured Your Dog Will Be Safe

 If your athletic dog can easily scale a fence of medium height, a physical fence isn’t your best option. Dogs can also easily dig underneath a normal fence, escape the safety of your yard, and venture into busy streets.

These problems are easily avoided with an invisible fence. With an invisible fence, your dog will not proceed further due to the deterring stimulus it receives upon encroachment of your established boundary.

A lot of invisible fences come with a battery-backup function. This safety feature will give you peace of mind in case you ever forget to check the receiver’s battery life.

It’s Cheaper (Initially and in the Long-Run)

Physical fences can be pricey. Their material and installation costs far exceed the cost of an invisible dog fence, especially if this cheaper alternative is installed yourself.

Additionally, physical fences require maintenance. This maintenance includes the repair of missing segments to upkeep its function and the repainting of chipped areas to maintain its aesthetic appearance.

Invisible dog fences don’t require these costly repairs. The occasional replacement of batteries will keep your invisible fence operating at its prime.

An invisible fence also serves as a long-term investment. If you ever move, you can dig up the wiring and use it at your new place of residence.

It’s Safe for Your Dog

Despite negative assumptions about invisible fences, they do not inflict emotional or physical pain on your dog. The “shocks” these fences deliver are just enough to surprise your dog and stop them from going into areas that are off-limits. There are also ranges of shock that you can customize to fit your dog, based on its weight or level of stubbornness.

From the safety and freedom of your dog to your own peace of mind in keeping your yard’s aesthetic clean of any obstructions, invisible fences offer numerous benefits. Invest in one today and you and your dog will be well on your way to a happy, peaceful co-existence.

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We received this comment from Peyton Nichols and felt it was worth including:

Hello, I am a veterinary technician that works in a clinic that does science based behavior work ups with dogs. In reference to your post about how invisible fences are good and safe for dogs, please do some research before pushing these types of fencing. They do in fact have a high potential of causing fear and anxiety. We have seen some cases of dogs that will no longer go in the yard after receiving their first training shock. Invisible fences also do not always keep dogs in the yard. There are plenty of cases of dogs wanting to get to something bad enough that they get through the fence and then wont come back in the yard because they receive more shocks when they try to go home. Also this type of fence doesn’t keep dogs safe from ANYTHING else out there that may want to harm or take them.

If you have to advertise the invisible fencing do but please stop telling people that they are a good and safe option. Maybe just list them as an option that is out there but to use caution.

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