5 Reasons You Might Need an Emotional Support Dog

If you think you would benefit from an emotional support dog, know there are great resources to assist you.

We’re all familiar with both service and emotional support dogs. Many people think they are the same, but they each cater to particular needs depending on the person they are helping.

While service dogs are specially trained to perform tasks for their owner or help someone with a disability, emotional support dogs provide therapeutic benefits through companionship and affection.

If you think that you would benefit from an emotional support dog, there are great resources that provide you with a step-by-step process for how to register your animal. If you’re still unsure that an emotional support dog is right for you, learn about the following 5 benefits to help you decide.

1 – Companionship

First and foremost, having an emotional support dog will provide you with companionship. Many people who live alone find great comfort in having an emotional support dog. It doesn’t matter why you are suffering; an emotional support animal can help you overcome trauma and continue your routine.

Just remember that you will need an official letter that a certified mental health professional has approved. Still, the emotional need for companionship is certainly a valid reason for starting the process.

2 – Decrease Your Stress Levels

With companionship from your emotional support dog, your stress levels will naturally decrease. Of course, if you normally struggle with your stress levels, this doesn’t necessarily mean your stress will completely disappear. However, it’s proven that owning an animal lowers stress levels.

Studies show that when people spend time with their dogs, it brings down high blood pressure and cortisol levels. With the proper credentials, you can take your emotional service dog with you in most places. This would be particularly helpful for someone who struggles to go out in public. You never have to worry about being alone, knowing that your animal is right with you.

3 – Reduce Anxiety and Depression

One of the most common reasons someone needs an emotional support dog is that they struggle with anxiety and/or depression. Having support in any form is very beneficial for someone who finds themselves struggling with issues like these.

For some, anxiety and/or depression affect day-to-day activities and the ability to commit to a schedule. However, owning a dog makes us happier. It’s the support that some need to go outside and live fully.

4 – Prevent Panic Attacks

Along the same lines as reducing anxiety, depression, and stress, another reason would be to prevent and treat panic attacks. Depending on how severe they are, it might be impossible to prevent panic attacks altogether. However, it’s shown that people who suffer from panic attacks recover quickly when they have an emotional support dog. This isn’t considered a “cure” necessarily, but it does tend to help in a significant way.

5 – Cope with PTSD

One of the more intense illnesses on this list is PTSD. A person can have PTSD for all kinds of reasons; the most example is a soldier returning from war. While these cases do make up a large portion of people struggling with PTSD, it’s not necessarily the only cause. Many people who have gone through a traumatic event, or even just witnessed one, find themselves suffering from PTSD.

Much like having anxiety, PTSD can be triggered by everyday surroundings. Because you can take an emotional support dog almost everywhere, it’s beneficial for those struggling with this illness to have that support in case they are triggered. An animal keeps those with PTSD grounded, comforted, and in control.

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