5 Things You Must Do Before Adopting Your First Dog

Here are 5 things you must do before adopting your first dog. This will help ease any stress and allow you to enjoy this exciting moment to its fullest!

Dogs, whatever their breed, age, shape, size, and color, are wonderful life companions that bring forth tremendous joy, immense comfort, and treasured memories.

Once the decision to bring a canine into your life for the first time is made, the anticipation of meeting your very first furry friend is exciting, emotional, and at times overwhelming.

We have put together a list of the 5 things you must do before adopting your first dog. This will help ease any stress and allow you to enjoy this exciting moment to its fullest!

1. Familiarize Yourself With What Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

It is essential that you research the substances and snacks that dogs must avoid. There are tons of everyday grocery items that are very harmful to canines that you wouldn’t otherwise know unless you researched it.

A simple internet search of questions like “can dogs eat spicy food?” or “Can dogs eat chocolate?” will suffice and ensure that you’re informed and can keep your dog safe. There are plenty of lists and resources out there, so be sure to seek them out.

2. Understand the Time Commitment

Dogs are a significant time commitment and live on average 10-13 years. Before you fully commit to bringing a dog home, do some self-reflection and honestly ask yourself if you are in a place and on a trajectory to properly support and care for the animal.

Also, in a more immediate sense, dogs take a lot of time and effort daily. They must be fed, walked, mentally stimulated, and let out multiple times a day. Dogs require an attentive owner that can be there for them.

3. Know your Breed

If you have your heart set on a specific breed, make sure you look into them and learn everything you can.

Find out the particular personality traits that your incoming breed is known to have. See how much energy they have to determine play and exercise time. Look up the medical complications that the breed is known to have so you can keep an eye out for warning signs.

There are many things to know about your future furry friend, and all the information is available to you. Call a vet or look at a trusted internet source so you can be best equipped in handling your new life partner.

4. Gather the Proper Materials

Once you have an idea of your future pet’s size and needs, be sure to gather the necessary materials and supplies before your dog’s arrival.

Think about your future dog’s size, strength, and age. Puppy supplies are very different from adult dog supplies, and the same goes for elder dogs.

Make sure that you buy toys that won’t harm the dog or be easily destroyed by them. It is important to invest in good quality supplies that properly fit your dog and their disposition.

5. Pet-proof your Home

As a parent to a pet, you must ensure that your home is safe for them to run and play. It is not uncommon for dogs to get into low cabinets, trashcans, wires, and more.

Child locks on cabinets work great for nosy pups, and trashcan covers prevent any dumpster diving. Pet owners also often buy pet gates to prevent their dogs from getting into dangerous places or falling down the stairs.

Dogs can also trip over objects or eat things they shouldn’t get off the floor. Make sure to clean up after yourself at all times so your dog doesn’t swallow anything dangerous. Though high stakes, pet-proofing your house is not too difficult. All it takes is effort and attention to detail.


Life with a dog is a fulfilling, fun, and fantastic time. The love shared between dogs and owners clarifies why dogs are called “man’s best friend.” We hope our list pointed you in the right direction when bringing home a pet for the first time.

Get ready to have a blast with your new furry companion!

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