5 Tips For Staying Productive with Your Dog During Lockdown

Are you getting used to life under lockdown? Yes, neither are we – it is actually quite unnerving, no matter how much time passes by. However, this is simply becoming a fact of daily life, and something we have to become at peace with.

That’s why it’s important to adjust your daily routine as best possible to the reality of being indoors. Make no mistake – this requires an extremely delicate balancing act, and that includes sometimes disparate aspects of your life; like your job and your pet. We’ll go into details right here, so stay tuned!

Making A Schedule

With all of these COVID-19 lockdown measures in place, one thing is certain – you’ll have to spend more time indoors than perhaps you ever have up until now. Considering that, let’s be realistic here – you may fall for the temptation of slacking off during work.

Many people have started working remotely from home. And while that may seem like a great way to relax, it is a dangerous line to walk in terms of productivity. If you’ve got another creature to take care of like a dog or an infant, you need to make sure their needs are met without your work suffering.

 In case of a pet, that may seem deceptively easy, but it’s not. As most pet owners know, it’s not just the matter of feeding your dog and taking them out for a walk. In the meantime, they must also feel like they aren’t being left without attention.

Of course, on the other hand, you need to be certain that your productivity won’t decline while you’re playing with your doggo. Because of that – we recommend you institute a strict schedule. During work hours, leave yourself room for tiny breaks that last no more than a couple of minutes – don’t worry, this is still enough of a time investment to show your furry pal some much-needed love.

Dogs Indoors

As we’ve talked about before, you will be spending a lot of time at home. Maybe dive in online work, side gigs may become main jobs, some people will try to make their living off investing in stocks or making some other smart move. You can be literally buried in these new opportunities and emailing – Happens to many of us, trust me! But this is no big deal if you have a yard. Sure, you’re forced to remain on your premises – but that doesn’t mean you can’t be outside in the fresh air. And this is awesome for your dog as well, seeing as it’ll get all of the outside play-time it wants.

Unfortunately, there is a flip side to this coin. These days, many people tend to keep pets in apartment buildings as well. Naturally, this is no problem if you take your dog for a regular few walks each day; the pets can still spend time at home with no issues.

But in these extraordinary quarantine days, you can’t exactly go out whenever you feel like it. So, you’ll have to keep your dog entertained inside as well. Don’t worry, though – it’s not as difficult and time-consuming as it first seems.

 First of all, the go-to solution for indoor pet-keeping is dog toys. Obviously, your little friend may already have all of the toys it wants regardless of the quarantine. But when you’re allowed to go outside, it may not be a bad idea to stop by the pet store and pick up something new so that the dog doesn’t get bored. If it gets new toys throughout this prolonged homestay, the doggo won’t slip into stir-craziness and depression.

On top of that, there are other ways to keep your pet happy without spending too much time away from work. Funnily enough, you can find podcasts for dogs these days – they’re designed for you to play them to your pets. These recordings will keep your dog’s attention for hours on end; they can easily unwind and relax, allowing you to focus on your job and earning money for the household.


Of course, making sure that your pet has its downtime is essential; but don’t forget, it’ll need some exercise as well, even indoors. If you don’t have enough room for the doggo to run around freely and you live in a small apartment, try to go up and down the stairs during the day with your pet in tow. Plus, you’ll get your blood flowing as well!

 Apart from that, think about making creative use of your space at home. If you designate a separate part of your household for your dog and make it fun enough, the pet won’t interrupt you as much while you work. So, think about making a cozy doggy den for your pup; they’ll simply love snuggling around inside.

 This can be as big of a project as you want it to be. On the one hand, you can just use a couple of blankets and arrange them around the dog’s favorite toys; on the other hand, you could also set aside an afternoon and make a spare bedroom the perfect doggy quarantine sanctuary.

 Next up, you could spend this time productively with your dog as well – perhaps this is the best time to improve its discipline and teach it some new tricks? If your dog doesn’t know how to bark on a designated command, try practicing that. Want the puppy to roll over perfectly and fetch stuff for you? Use your downtime to train them! This is really the perfect time to see how intelligent your dog can be, and help them attain a couple of new skills.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to remain productive with your dog – the fact that you’re at home and you have to work doesn’t mean that your relationship has to suffer.

Though, if you do have a garden, we advise you to utilize it to the fullest; if it’s not rainy outside, your dog may be happiest spending time there while you work inside. Who knows – perhaps this quarantine is just the bonding time you and your pet desperately needed! So make sure to stay safe, reasonable, and optimistic. Enjoy your day and stay responsible, folks!

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