5 Tips In Preparing Your Pets For Your Move

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Relocating with your pets can be more stressful than your usual move.

Imagine the reaction of your furry friends when they started seeing the chaos of boxes and stressed out humans everywhere. Seems even more daunting, right?  That’s why it’s essential to prepare your pets before the moving day arrives. Here are five tips to make your journey with them to your new home a happier and smoother one.

Keep your pets’ needs and welfare in mind.

Whether you’re living with a cat or dog, it’s best to pay attention to their needs before the big day. Knowing their needs ahead of time can help make the process faster and smoother. Here’s how you can take good care of your pets’ needs prior to moving:

  • Give your current vet a call – When it comes to your pets’ well-being, your veterinarian remains to be a great source of information. This is especially true if you have pets that don’t like traveling. Under these circumstances, you can ask for advice from your vet as to how you can make your move less stressful for your pets. Moreover, get them checked up before you move to ensure their health throughout the transition.
  • Prepare your pets’ medical records – Before moving out from your old home, find time to get a copy of your pets’ medical records including the contact number of the closest emergency animal hospital.
  • Get to know your new area’s pet rules and regulations – To ensure the welfare of your pets once you arrive in your new location, contact the local animal control facility to become familiar with pet rules and regulations. Ask if your furry friends require additional certificates, medications, and vaccinations.

Look for a new vet – Moving with your pets means you need to find a new veterinarian in the area you’re relocating. You can request some recommendations from your current vet as they may know some colleagues in your new city. Upon finding someone, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment once you arrive for you to get to know them better.

Update your pets’ identification tags.

As much as you don’t want to leave your ID cards and wallet at home, you should make sure to update your pets’ ID tags before moving. During the relocation day, always bring an updated collar on your pets to avoid them from getting lost. On the ID tag, write down your current phone number where you can be contacted in case you and your pets will be separated. For their better protection, you may also have them microchipped, so you can locate them quickly in case you accidentally lost them.

Prepare your pets using gradual introduction techniques.

Moving can be a source of stress for your pets. That said, it’ll help if you start preparing them several weeks before your official move-in date. Help them get accustomed to some unusual events they may experience during the relocation by using gradual introduction techniques. This includes the slow introduction of objects such as moving boxes, the sound of packing tape, and the travel kennel. By doing it, you can prevent your pets from bolting on the scheduled move-out date.

Keep your pets from getting stressed.

 Whether you’re moving locally or internationally, the process can be an overwhelming one for you as a pet owner. Thus, if you’re looking for ways to keep your pets away from too much stress, you may seek out the assistance of a pet-loving moving company. As to moving professionals, they know exactly what to do to make your relocation a less tedious one for them. Additionally, you can also do the following things to reduce their uneasiness:

  • Bring their favorite comfort toy.
  • Have water in place to keep your pets hydrated.
  • Prepare food and snacks to ensure they’re well-fed.

Help your pets adjust to a new home easily.

You’ll never know how your pets will adjust to their new home. As a pet owner, it’s unusual not to worry about their welfare once you get settled into your new living space. However, there are ways where you can make their adjustment process much comfortable. Show to your pets that they’re still loved regardless of the environment they’re put in. Give them adequate attention and be patient while they’re adjusting to their new surroundings.

The Bottom Line

As a loving pet owner, you’ll do everything to prepare your pets for the upcoming move. Whether you’re relocating from or within the New York City, it’s always essential to keep their care and comfort in mind throughout the transition. With the help of Movers NYC, we hope you follow these tips in accommodating their needs in every step of your move.

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