6 Best US Veterinary Schools Known Worldwide

There are tons of veterinary schools across the USA offering various courses and training. The best schools are uniquely suited and well-equipped in terms of staff and resources.

By Guest Blogger, Michael Carr

There are tons of veterinary schools across the USA offering various courses and training in all things veterinary. These schools equip learners with the appropriate knowledge and skills in different topical and thematic areas in veterinary studies, from general to specialised courses. The best schools are uniquely suited and well-equipped regarding staff and resources and generally rank highly in academics.

University of California – Davis

University of California – Davis offers very top-notch programs in biological as well as agricultural sciences. It has an academic program in Veterinary Medicine and ranks the highest across the USA in offering the course. The courses orient towards clinical and research work, and there are various specialisations that students can select in their educational pursuits. These specializations could be in undergraduate or graduate levels. With ample labs and a more comprehensive elaborate infrastructure to support the various courses in the School of Veterinary Medicine, this is arguably among the best schools to attend in the US as far as Veterinary studies go.

Cornell University

Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine offers a variety of courses for students at different levels of tertiary education. Students who go through studies at this College in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program prepare themselves appropriately for the real world of animals and their health. Whether dealing with animal health, pet emotional support, or other relevant areas of focus, the studies here properly equip students for all things animals and Veterinary. Students can thus get top-notch exposure to animals here. The College is well-equipped and furnished, and experienced enough to support students through their programmes.

Colorado State University

The main areas of concentration are three, which are the undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree programs, and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program. Under the College, there are various Departments, one of which is linguistic, as they used to say with – human language translation services. But still, college specialization is Veterinary, including the Department of Animal Science – which is just but a single department – offering relevant Veterinary medicine studies. The Veterinary Medicine studies here are in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Students who pursue Veterinary Medicine studies here can count themselves as having studied in a leading Veterinary school in the USA.

Ohio State University

The university’s College of Veterinary Medicine makes available research and training courses in various fields in Veterinary Medicine. Courses are available for the undergraduate to postgraduate. The training is rigorous thanks to existing auxiliary installations for practical lessons, legal requirements when traveling with your pet, and other outdoor hands-on training exercises. This is, therefore, a top university in the USA as far as Veterinary studies go.

Texas A&M University – College Station

There are various programmes on offer in this university that have a reliable path towards building a career in Veterinary Medicine. The school offers multiple courses in Veterinary Medicine in its Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences faculty. With nine complementary departments, the College is a powerhouse in training Veterinary Medicine professionals, which places it among the best across the USA. Some of these departments include:

  • Veterinary Pathobiology
  • Veterinary Integrative Biosciences
  • Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Veterinary Epidemiology

University of Pennsylvania

PennVet, the university’s Veterinary Medicine school, offers a wide variety of educational programs in the field. There are various centres and research initiatives ongoing at the institution, which speaks to the levels of training and research in progress. To augment these efforts are on-campus Veterinary hospitals, which are essentially teaching hospitals that play among roles to offer exposure and training avenues for students.


To sum this up, various universities in the US offer Veterinary Medicine courses and training. However, the structure and orientation differ as there are multiple areas of concentration in this field. As a student, you can choose where to study based on what it offers, facilities, among other yardsticks. However, you can rest assured that getting into one of these top institutions will set you up well career-wise.

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