6 Essential Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Whether you are an experienced, new or aspiring dog owner, it’s important to keep your pet clean, healthy and happy

Whether you are an experienced, new or aspiring dog owner, it’s important to keep your pet clean, healthy and happy. But because dogs cannot express themselves through words, most pets undergo stress without their owners even knowing. Therefore, it is vital to keep watch of your dog by covering all the bases before they get sick.

1) Proper Feeding

Proper nutrition is essential to every animal’s growth. You need to select a balanced diet that your dog will enjoy. In case you decide to offer your pet a homemade diet, always talk to a qualified veterinarian for tips on what to cook.  Whatever you choose, a homemade diet or special pet foods, you should be sure that your dog is getting enough nutrients essential for a long and healthy life. Livelypaws dog supplements will help you to solve this issue, by simply adding natural nutrients to your little friend’s diet

Keep check of your four-legged friend whenever you introduce them to a new diet. Be on the lookout for problems such as food aversion or gastrointestinal upset. In case you want to introduce a new diet, do it gradually by mixing some of the old diets with the new until your dog gets used to it.

Since dogs are eager eaters, consuming the wrong amounts of food might lead to obesity. The dog’s size, breed, age, and level of activity determine the amount of food. Instead of providing table scraps as rewards, buy some healthy treats.

2) Pest Control

Dogs are jovial animals that like exploring different environments. This exposes them to fleas and ticks, which normally attack during the warm seasons. Such pests can affect the health of your dog and eventually lead to stress.

It’s important to do a daily inspection to eliminate this problem. You can use a comb to check for fleas, but it’s advisable to seek professional help from a qualified veterinarian.

Check out this flea treatment service to keep your pet healthy and happy.

3) Grooming

Basic grooming such as brushing the teeth, nail trimming and bathing are essential for every pet. Although most dogs don’t need to bathe every day, a few times in a year is crucial. You need to keep your canine companion clean to make interaction with humans more comfortable.

Before bathing your pet, make sure you comb their hair to remove ice and matt balls. When nails are left to overgrow, they bring difficulties with walking and pain when nails break.

4) Health

Taking your pet to the veterinarian for regular checks helps to keep them healthy. Your veterinarian will guide you on when to vaccinate, do external parasite control and deworming. It’s important to retain a copy of your dog’s vaccination record to avoid missing any important vaccines.

In case you notice some strange behavior in your pet, it might be a sign of a disease or injury. Don’t hesitate to take him/her for a quick checkup.

5) Exercise and Playtime

Exercise helps dogs burn calories, stay healthy, and stimulates their minds. To avoid overworking your pet, make sure you check their breed, age, sex, and health level. Always monitor your dog during exercise to ensure they don’t get instinctual urges to herd, chew or dig the wrong places.

6) Dog Training

Dogs can be a handful if they are not taught basic skills. To enjoy time with your pet, ensure you train them from an early age. Consider hiring a professional dog trainer if you don’t have the skills to teach them.

Bottom Line

Taking proper care of your pet will make your relationship with them better. Make sure you understand your dog’s needs to identify problems whenever they arise. Always consult with your vet to make sure you’re always meeting your duties as a pet owner.

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