6 Tips to Train Mini French Bulldogs

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French bulldogs are very popular for several reasons; they are some of the friendliest and affectional breeds of bulldogs.

By David Huner

French bulldogs are very popular for several reasons, they are some of the friendliest and affectional breeds of bulldogs. They are very bright and playful whether they are raised in smaller city apartments or larger homes with lots of outdoor space. The French bulldog is always happy though it can be pretty tough to get them used to other pets and children. Due to their high energy levels, they are often regarded as stubborn, and it can be a pretty difficult task to train them in adulthood. For this reason, the earlier you start training French bulldog puppies, the easier it becomes. The following training tips can help you train mini French bulldogs;

Start the Potty Training as Early as Possible

Mini French dogs are smart and analytical in nature.  They are also known for forming habits quickly. Potty training should begin the moment you get the puppy into your home. Bring the dog to the spot where you want them to use the bathroom, and let them explore the area until they can handle things themselves. When you introduce the dog to the bathroom especially when they want to use the bathroom, they will use their instinct based on the training and begin to go there without assistance.

Verbal and Physical Rewards are Very Important

Training is very important for the successful raising of French bulldogs. These dog breeds respond well to verbal and physical rewards, especially from humans.  These should include food treats and toys. You should begin potty training immediately; especially from the dog’s first bathroom break to encourage the animal to continue using the bathroom. Make sure you clean up any indoor bathroom accident after the dog immediately.  This will help your dog associate a particular part of the home to the bathroom alone.

Introduce the French Bulldog to a Crate

Training the mini French bulldog puppies will work best when you introduce them to a crate.  French puppies like any other breed of dogs prefer to have a safe and confined space to retreat to. Make sure you choose a crate that is large enough for the dog to grow into. You can further drive the attention of the dog to the crate by adding an extra treat to allow the animal to explore, then close the crate once they are inside.  When you close the crate for the first time, make sure you sit by the animal for a while to see if they will whine and cry but don’t give up and attend to them until they become calm inside the crate. One of the main advantages of a crate is that the dog will eventually avoid peeing inside the bed area.

Choose Basic Training Commands First

Training the teacup French bulldogs or any other type of French bulldog is easier than you think. Teaching them simple commands and limiting the time duration for each training session will benefit you and the dog tremendously. The most important 7 commands you will need are; Potty or Toilet, Stop, Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Quiet. These are clear and simple commands that your puppy can learn easily within a short training session.

You should consider training the Bulldog on these commands with a simple and relaxed tone and if the animal fails to obey any training don’t hit him. Hitting the dog when he fails to respond to a command can create fear and breach of trust. You should physically guide the animal towards obeying the command you issue until he acts without stress.

Make the Training Sessions Shorter

It is important to have in mind that French bulldogs don’t have a long attention span, hence a very long training session can create serious problems for you and the animal. Don’t get yourself frustrated, keep the training session to less than 30 minutes a day. If possible, you should perform the training on weekends when you are not too tired from your regular work. You can break the training into 3-5 sessions and repeat one lesson up to 5 times a day, making sure you physically guide the animal to obey the command. Make sure the puppy is well-rested and fed before you repeat the training.

Make use of the Appropriate Leash and Collar

When training your French bulldog outdoor, it is important to make use of the proper size and make of leash and collar to ensure that the animal is under control. French bulldogs are known for their high energy levels; hence they require a stronger leash but it must not be too tight to cause discomfort for the animal. Make sure the collar is also the right size, that is it must not be too tight nor too loose to create problems. Adjustable leashes are recommended for the best results.


Just like all other dog breeds that require proper grooming, the French bulldog will need close monitoring and grooming to keep them clean and healthy. They are short-hair dog breeds; hence you will probably require much less clipping and hair cutting routine, unlike the long-haired breeds. Just like other types of dogs, regular tooth-brushing and shampoo-bathing are also recommended to keep the dogs free from fleas, tick, and dirt. Make sure tangles and mats are loosen up and the hair is brushed downwards to achieve the best result. Tooth-brushing can help prevent plaque buildup that can lead to gum bleeding and other tooth-related diseases.

You need to schedule a regular medical examination of the dog at the veterinary clinic. Not all health issues are visible, even when you examine the eyes, ears, and nose of the animal. The veterinary doctor may have to examine the dog’s poop or take some blood and urine tests to ascertain the internal problems the dog is facing. It is also important to consider only the recommended grooming equipment such as dog hair clippers, nail cutters and recommended dog shampoo for bathing. The use of non-recommended dog grooming devices can lead to injuries and skin sensitivity.

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