6 Ways to Spoil Your French Bulldog

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If you’re looking for ways to spoil your French Bulldog, you’re in the right place.

Dogs love it when their owners take them to the park. It keeps them healthy and allows them to interact with other animals. However, if you’re looking for different ways to spoil your furry friend, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll cover six ways to spoil your Frenchie from taking them for a splash at the water park or on a much-needed day at the spa.

1. Take a Splash at the Water Park

A water park, you might ask? There are a few great water parks that are geared for dogs and their owners to enjoy. In many of these parks, your French Bulldog does not need to know how to swim, as most of the places will be relatively shallow for smaller, stout dogs like a French bulldog. Or, if you want your Frenchie to learn how to swim, water parks offer an excellent environment for them to learn since they’re safe and fun.

2. Walk Them on a New Path

Many people think that walking their dog is so that they can do their business. However, many dogs love getting out to explore what’s around them and meet new people. A great way to spoil your baby would be to take them on a new walking path they have not been on before. This will allow them to smell around and experience a new area.

Frenchies have a unique body, so you want to ensure they’re comfortable while on a walk. As you walk them, make sure you’re utilizing the proper French Bulldog harnesses. Many studies have shown that using a collar while walking your dog can cause them pain. This results from their leash being pulled too roughly, which can cause the collar to put painful pressure on their neck. That being said, it’s recommended to use a harness to keep the pressure off their neck.

3. Treat Them to the Salon

Another great way to spoil your French Bulldog is to take them to the Salon. What dog does not enjoy getting pampered? There are many people at salons to pet them, give them treats, and get them all cleaned up after that trip to the water park. The American Kennel Club recommends getting your French Bulldog bathed every four to six weeks. This helps not only keeps your baby looking fresh but also keeps their fur coat healthy and shiny.

4. Give Them Healthy Treats

A great way to keep your dog healthy and spoil them at the same time, surprisingly, can come in the form of a treat. Some treats are made to help clean their teeth, while others have vitamins and probiotics that help keep your Frenchie healthy and ready for another fun walk in the park.

5. Play Fetch With Them

Many dogs love to play catch. Be it with a stick, a ball, or even a Frisbee. Playing catch is a great way to help keep your dog healthy and happy at the same time. Other sporty games you can play with your dog outside could be tug-of-war or find the treat. Many dogs love to be active, and these are a few great ways to help them stay healthy while still spoiling them.

6. Playdate For Two

Kids love playdates, and so do dogs! The next time you and your best friend get together again, bring your dogs along. Dogs love being able to play with each other. Just be sure to bring a leash as they get to know each other. Also, make this an outdoor playdate since dogs love to play rough.

Spoil Your Frenchie Today

There are tons of ways to spoil your French Bulldog. You could take them to a water park, get them a nice treat, or even take them for a fun walk. With so many fun options, it would be hard not to try one.

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