6 Ways Your Business Can Engage Pet Owners on Social Media

Have you ever noticed how posts featuring cute animals always get a lot of likes and comments? This is because there are a lot of pet owners that are active on social media.

By Guest Blogger, Monica Mendoza

That said, how do you maintain that same level of engagement while increasing your sales?

Now, this tactic is in no way new and may already be what your competitors are doing. So how do you set your business apart from them while grabbing the attention of pet parents? Put simply; it’s a matter of laser-targeting your content to appeal to this particular audience. Read on to learn a few ways to go about it:

Hold Fun Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a way to show your appreciation for your customers’ continued support. To involve pet owners in your contest or giveaway, you can make the prize a pet-related product. For example, you can give away a custom martingale dog collar or two to some lucky canine parents. Another example is to give away different types of custom accessories for dog walking. That way, you can offer more prizes and get more people to join your company’s giveaway.  

Prioritize Social Media Listening

Cultivating lasting engagement on social media is always about starting and maintaining meaningful conversations. While it’s important to use your platform to announce business-related matters, it is also just as essential that you pay attention to your customers.

This is where social media listening comes in. This isn’t so much about listening to customer complaints or outright asking for feedback, but more about researching your target market’s pain points.

You can do this by monitoring and reading relevant posts to learn more about what pet owners are buzzing about. So start visiting the social media pages of your competitors and read the comments and reviews that people have left them. Please consider the points that people are raising and use them as a reference to improve your own company. This goes for your social media strategies as well.

Ask Interesting Questions

A thought-provoking question will really make people notice your social media posts. So after you’ve done some social media listening, try to come up with a question that pet owners will want to respond to.

You could also ask these people for feedback regarding your business. What products or services would they like to see from you? What can you improve? Though simple, these questions invite pet owners to start a dialogue with your brand.

Remember: how you present your questions is just as important as what you’re actually asking. Try creating polls to give pet owners a chance to vote on different topics. Alternatively, you can create a Q&A video that people can watch.

Involve Pet Owners in Your Posts

Please take advantage of pet owners’ huge social media presence by making them a part of your content. Have your customers do a fun pet-related challenge, ask them to label their posts with a hashtag, and share their photos on your social media feeds. You can also look at the posts that mention your brand or tag your page, then pick some nice ones to repost with permission. This is another way of showing your customers that their support genuinely does matter to your business. 

Choose the Right Visual Content to Post

It’s no secret that effective social media posts need nice visuals to become more interesting and shareable with users. Even a nice copy will fall flat if the accompanying picture or video is boring or nonexistent. As a rule of thumb, cute images and videos of pets are usually effective.

Additionally, knowing what type of content to post where can help you reach more audiences. For example, infographics and links to blog posts work well on Facebook and Twitter. However, it would be best if you stuck to posting pictures and videos on Instagram. If your business has longer videos and live streams, these will work best when uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. 

Appeal to Pet Owners’ Emotions

A big part of being a pet owner is providing a loving home for an animal, caring for it like it’s a part of the family for the rest of their natural life. Hence, it helps to share stories that will pull on the heartstrings of pet owners, especially since they understand the challenges and rewards of being a responsible pet owner. From wholesome stories about rescues and adoptions to endearing stories about pets bonding with humans, posting content like this will certainly bring pet owners in droves to your page.

Sometimes, social media marketing can be tricky as there is a fine line between being intentional and desperate. But by following these steps, you can make better sense of it while getting plenty of important engagement from pet owners in the process.

about the author

Monica Mendoza counts communication coaching and personality development among her passions. She loves analyzing and exploring new things. In her spare time, she engages in writing, gardening, surfing, and hiking. She also spends her free time surfing, traveling to Asia and South America, and volunteering in community outreach programs.

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