Woofie’s funWaLk Challenge 2012 statistics

Acme Canine
“Woofie’s funWALK Challenge” Statistics

The goal of this program was to motivate and encourage participants to lead healthier lives and improve their relationship with their dog. Our program goal was 2,000 per day for 56 days. All told, those who participated walked 1,847,315 steps. That’s 924 miles!
Total Program Statistics:

Program: May 1st to June 25th, 2012

Total number of participants: 28

Total number of active walkers: 14

Total number of calories burned: Approx. 78,721

Total number of pounds burned: Approx. 22 lb.


Active Walker Statistics:

6 walkers achieved the program goals. That’s 43% of the program.

1 walkers entered steps 100% of the time. That’s 7% of the program.