8 Ways to Choose the Right Puppy Crate

There are many dog crates up for sale in the market, but you must consider a few characteristics before purchasing a suitable crate for your puppy.

By Guest Blogger, Derek Edison

Having a dog is a wonderful experience. They blend in the family so well that you treat them no less than a family member.

Managing them is not a hectic task since your canine companions are retentive and sensible organisms. However, keeping a hold on them can be a little troublesome in certain circumstances.

Say for, when guests arrive at your home, it might be possible that your dog may get anxious and start behaving erroneously.

To amicably cohabitate with them in such situations, preferably, the first thing that you should purchase for them is a dog crate.

It provides them with an enclosed space, thereby nurturing a safe environment for them and others, especially when they are anxious. It also aids in traveling.

There are many dog crates up for sale in the market, but you must consider a few characteristics before purchasing a suitable crate for your puppy. Following are the eight ways to choose the right puppy crate-

1.) Consider the Material

Considering the crate material before purchasing it is a crucial step. After all, there are several dog crates made up of diverse materials in the market. They comprise unique specifications and provide explicit services.

  • Plastic dog crates are suitable for ventilation, and many airlines approve them for the design structure it holds.
  • Wooden dog crates generally intensify the interiors putting an enthralling touch unto home décor.
  • Metal dog crates are suitable for transport and storage purposes as they are comparatively durable.
  • Soft-sided dog crates are generally made with sturdy materials like PVC and Polyester and are ergonomically designed to provide extra comfort to your puppy.

2.) Know your Dog’s Measurement  

Dog crates come in different styles and sizes. Knowing your dog’s measurement before proceeding to buy a crate is essential as it gives you the idea of what size will suit your dog the best. For this, measure the proper length, width, and height of your dog.

An ideal size crate should be 2 to 4 inches bigger than the original measurements of the dog so that your canine partner can comfortably reside in it. Precisely, it should be spacious enough for your dog to make them feel comfortable and small enough to make them feel secure.

3.) Weigh your dog

Weight is an important character to consider when choosing a crate for traveling because your dog’s weight can affect the durability of the crate. Moreover, along with other measurements, knowing your dog’s weight better helps you decide which crate should be suitable for it. For example, you should use a crate made of sturdy materials for a heavyweight dog.

4.) Determine the Purpose

Determine what purpose the crate will serve-

  • It can be for traveling with your dog in the car or on the plane,
  • A crate that can be both used for indoors and outdoors activities,
  • An item that can blend with home décor to enhance the interiors,
  • For the puppy who is beginning crate training,
  • To keep them safe and secure while you are out for a short period,
  • To secure them and concurrently protect the visitors and children etc.

You can have plenty of purposes, and simultaneously, there are numerous crates to choose from for fulfilling the required needs.

5.) Ensure the Safety and Comfort

You must look for a crate that can provide safety for your dog from potentially dangerous situations. Also, make sure that it allows for a cozy and comfortable space for the dog to retreat. Several crates include fleece pads to provide your canine companion with extra ease.

6.) Consider the Durability

Durability is a crucial attribute to consider because if you are going to use the crate for full-time training, you might want it to be safe from the destructive actions of your puppy. Possibilities are that your puppy will chew and eventually destroy the crate if it is not made up of sturdy materials.

So, bear in mind the purpose and choose the durable dog crate for your energetic furry companion accordingly.

7.) Ensure Utility

Petty it may sound, but it is essential to ensure the Utility of the dog crate that you’ll want to buy. It is quite understandable that your dog will now or then eventually become a grown-up. Simultaneously, it is unreasonable to keep upgrading the crate according to the dog’s size. So, to make it more hassle-free, try buying a crate that comes with a divider. These dividers are temporary and can be removed or adjusted to modify the size of the crate.

This way, you can have a steady size crate for your dog, which suits it in all phases of life.

8.) Pricing

Considering all the features and services it provides, ensure whether the crate has a reasonable price. For this, you may compare similar products of different companies and brands. Also, check the cost of the product from other e-commerce websites and retail shops.


Before actually buying a puppy crate, you’ll want to cautiously choose which among the many suits your preferences the best. For this, try considering the features mentioned above to help you buy the right crate for your puppy.

Once you purchase the crate, make sure your puppy doesn’t suffer for a more extended period in it. Even though the maximum recommended duration is 8 hours for your dog to be locked in a crate nevertheless, once you observe them getting comfortable in their space, you can keep them for a longer duration while leaving the crate’s door open.

A crate is a good option; make sure it doesn’t isolate your furry companion completely, as they are social and lovable creatures.

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