A 6-Item Checklist For Taking Care Of Your Furry Friends

Once you become a pet parent, it should be a priority to take good care of your furry friend. Here’s a responsible pet owner’s checklist for taking care of your dog. 

You can liken this pursuit to that of taking care of a newborn baby—you want to be able to provide them with the best care possible. Since your dog is now a member of your family, you’ll want to give your best to keep them healthy and happy.

So, to make things clear, taking care of a furry friend can be a lot of work. It’s a responsibility you should be willing to take in the best way possible. You can’t just have a new pet, cage them up, and not give them the TLC they deserve. As a fur parent, it’s best to prioritize preventive care so you can keep your pet as healthy as possible.

With that said, here’s a responsible pet owner’s checklist for taking care of your dog. 

  1. Keep Them On A Healthy Diet

When it comes to feeding your dog, there are generally two choices you can make. The first is to feed them with leftover scraps from your own meals. The second is to feed them with dog food, such as the ones from this source and other options you may have.

Each choice has its own pros and cons. So, it really boils down to your preference, lifestyle, and ultimately, what your dog prefers as well. What matters most is that you’re feeding your dog healthy food. 

Like human beings, dogs are made of what they eat. You’ll want to avoid foods that may cause common diseases like obesity and heart problems. If you aren’t sure what to feed your pet, you can always ask for advice from your veterinarian. 

  1. Clean Their Area Regularly

One of the basic tasks you have to abide by is providing your furry friend with a clean area to rest and sleep in. You can clean it as often as needed or even once or twice a week. Keeping your furry friend comfortable and healthy means providing them with a clean environment to rest. If not, their bed could become a breeding ground for bacteria, which may lead to disease.

Apart from keeping their sleeping area clean, be sure to keep it safe from any safety hazards as well. Vacuum or sweep the area regularly to prevent any dirt and debris that may accumulate. Keep wires and other trip hazards out of the way as well. 

  1. Train Your Dog

You may want to take the time to train your dog. If you’ve had experience with dogs before and if this isn’t your first pet, then you may be confident enough in your own skills to train your dog by yourself. If you don’t have the skills for dog training and discipline yet, you can always enlist the help of experts.

Training your dog can do wonders for both you and your pet. You can start with obedience training to instill some manners in your dog. Then you can proceed to other training aspects, like potty training. 

  1. Keep Fresh Water Available

Like human beings, dogs need to stay hydrated too. So, you’ll want to keep fresh water available as much as possible. Keeping your dog hydrated is important for them to maintain optimal health and energy. A good rule to follow is to wash the water bowl and change the water at least twice a day, preferably when you feed your dog.

  1. Engage In Fun Playtime

No matter how busy you may be, make it a point to engage in playtime with your dog. Even half an hour every day makes a huge difference. Remember that dogs are social animals. They need interaction, just like human beings do.

When you regularly play with your dog, you’re able to keep their temperament well and happy. In the long run, this ensures that you don’t just have a physically healthy dog but a mentally sound one as well, as even dogs can suffer from depression and anxiety.

  1. Take Your Dog On Walks

If you live in an apartment building or a condominium unit, you must take the time to walk your dog. This is the best and easiest way for you to give your dog their much-needed exercise. Taking them out on a walk is also part of their socialization activities, so they get to meet and interact with other dogs as well. 


The checklist above should make caring for your furry friend more straightforward. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be a complicated thing to do. It’s about setting a routine and getting the hang of it. Eventually, the items on the list above will become second nature to you. Taking care of them may be overwhelming at first, but it’s key to keeping a healthy and happy dog.

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