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Acme Canine Resource Center has  recently purchased a different kind  of  collar for daily use here in the  facility.  The martingale is a type of  dog collar that provides more control  over the animal than a buckle collar  or harness allows. Our daycare dogs and open boarders are all  trained and require minimal correction for behavior; therefore the martingale collar is an appropriate choice for our four-legged clients.

Martingale dog collars are also known as greyhound or whippet collars. The martingale dog collar was designed for sighthounds because their necks are larger than their heads and they can often slip out of buckle collars. These collars have gained popularity among dog owners in the recent past for trained dogs who need a slight correction.

A martingale collar is made with two loops. The larger loop is slipped onto the dogs neck and a leash is then clipped to the smaller loop. When the dog tries to pull, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop taut, which makes the large loop smaller and tighter on the neck, thus preventing escape. Properly fitted, the collar will be comfortably loose when not in use.

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