A list of extra considerations for long-haired dogs

Long-haired dogs always need more maintenance than short-haired breeds.  This article discusses a list of extra considerations for long-haired dog breeds.

If you plan to adopt an Afghan Hound, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire, or a Havanese, several things need to be considered before they arrive home.

Many people, especially beginners for dogs, do not become aware of how much effort they need to put on their puppies and regularly take care of them.

Things to consider before the dog arrives

Before you decide to take this royal friend for life home, a few questions should pop up in your mind to determine if the long-haired dog is right for you. Firstly, if you are willing to brush their hair every day;  if it is convenient for you to take the dog to bathe and groom regularly; if you are ok with falling hairs on your floor, blanket, and desktop. If all the answers are yes, you are good to go!

How to take care of long-haired dogs

Brushing, bathing, grooming, and cleaning are essential parts of the daily care routine for long-haired dogs. These activities do not require much time to do each day but are still heavy tasks requiring patience and consistency.

Brushing your dog’s hair every day

Combing and sorting your dog’s hair to make it tangle-free is an everyday task. Long-haired dogs will have knots that you can not untie if you do not brush them regularly. The only way to fix knots is to cut the whole thing and wait until the hair grows back. Therefore, to make your furry friend more presentable and delightful, daily brushing is a must. Most dogs care how they look and how their hair grows. They love and cherish their fur more than you think.

Always need a bath time

Most dogs like to play with water and find it joyful to jump into the water and paddle around. A dog swimming pool or a regular baby shower tub will be perfect for this activity. Taking a bath with your dog can strengthen the connection between you and your dog.  And it is easier to observe their skin when the hair is wet.  Typically, once every 1-2 weeks is a reasonable bathing frequency for long-haired dogs.

Visit the groomers often

Long-haired dogs have grooming facilities to transform them. There are lots of hairstyles designed especially for long-haired dogs. A professional dog groomer knows how to dig out your dog’s beauty and make them clean, handsome, or adorable with a blink. Dog groomers also know what is best for your dog’s skin and how to treat it nicely. Short hair is also popular among long-haired dogs’ parents in summer. In this way, they can release the summer heat faster and keep healthy.

Good parenting

Always keep an eye on your dog and wipe and dry their hair after drinking from the water. Please pay attention to their bottom after potty time.  Check if there is poop stuck on the hair.  If you don’t want to do this task, ask your dog groomer to shave the hair around the bottom and tie their hair up to avoid dust and liquid. Long-haired dogs do need extra parenting and attention than short breeds.  Always be patient with them, and they will respond to you with their unconditional love.

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