A Natural Solution To Help Your Blind Dog Navigate Their World

Is your aging dog losing his vision?  Are you considering a “special needs” dog who has visual impairments or has even gone blind? Has your dog experienced an accident that has caused him to go blind?

Caring for visually impaired or blind dogs can be overwhelming at times, especially when concern for your pet’s safety and happiness is always on your mind.

These can be scary scenarios for dog owners. As humans, we rely more heavily on sight than perhaps any other sense that we possess. The thought of our dog going blind and living in a dark, confusing world can really stress us out… But keep in mind that dogs utilize their nose more than their eyes, so when they cannot “see” in the traditional sense, they can still experience so much of their world through scent.

Their world can remain vibrant and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help adjusting to all the obstacles in day-to-day life. Tables, chairs, rugs, and doors become things to run into. They will need a safe zone. While we can never prevent all accidents, we can at least go through training a blind dog to reduce the number of times they occur for our beloved and special pets.

Blind dog Scent Markers

Innovet’s Tracerz is the go-to product for blindness in dogs. Tracerz are adhesive, scented markers that you place on objects to train your dog to identify them before he runs into them. These scented markers can help your pet visualize his home through other senses and start adjusting his travel around obstacles. Tracerz are made with your dog’s sensitive olfactory organs in mind and are made from gentle and natural essential oils. Each adhesive can emit scent effectively for a year without putting off odors that people can smell unless they’re very close to them. Cats and other pets can benefit from Tracerz as well!

They use all-natural oils to help your dog recognize boundaries, which helps to prevent bumping into furniture or getting lost in various rooms. These small wax dots attach easily to your furniture or wall corners and release a scent comprised of all-natural oils, providing a safe and effective way for training a blind dog to maneuver throughout the living environment without bumping into objects and harming themselves. The effects are not immediate; however, over the course of a few days, your dog will learn how to use their keen sense of smell to maneuver throughout the home or office, and you no longer have to worry about their level of independence.

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How to use Tracerz

Tracerz for blind dogs are scented markers that dogs can find and use to help them navigate their life and avoid dangerous obstacles. You can use them at the office, in your house, on your patio, and anywhere that has your dog regularly.

Composed of a blend of essential oils that are scented individually, there are no harmful additives within Tracerz. You will add no harsh chemicals to your home and won’t be overwhelmed by smell as these scents are only really picked up by an animal with a stronger sense of smell.

The essential oils are in trace amounts, and humans don’t smell them unless they are up close to one of the patches. Dogs and cats can locate them, though. In fact, they have such a strong sense of smell that they can find Tracerz from a long distance.

They are designed to be attached to a wall, furniture, or anywhere that your pet may need to avoid. They can easily be concealed out of sight, and they will stick to wood, vinyl, plastic, trim, carpet, and nearly anything in your home.

These scented markers are a very cost-effective method of assistance for your blind dog safely and easily. You can also remove them if need be. Once he realizes that Tracerz helps him find his way and avoid pitfalls, he’ll begin to naturally seek them out and create a map in his head.

Final thought

How easily your dog adjusts to blindness can depend on their age, personality, and other factors, such as whether they were born blind or lost their vision suddenly. But with time and patience, a blind dog will surprise you.  Blind dogs can live happy and healthy life.

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