A puppy as a holiday gift?

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by guest blogger, Spike

Hello fellow dog lovers, Spike here, wishing all my friends happy holidays! This time of year always brings so much joy and excitement to families across the country. So many festive decorations, celebrations, and who could forget all the delicious new dog treats?! The holiday season is such an exciting time for humans and us pets alike.

At this time of year, many children hurry down the stairs to see if good old Saint Nick brought them what they have been asking for all year, a brand new puppy. It is such a joyous event. An adorable bundle of love complete with a big red bow.

As fun and exciting as the discovery of a new pup may be, parents and children alike must know that we dogs, especially in our infant years, are a big responsibility. A puppy is certainly different than the toy trains and doll houses that lose their appeal after the holidays. He or she will need constant affection, care, and a lot of training. After the stockings and garland are packed away for the year, us dog friends need to be walked everyday, not to mention house trained, and obedience trained.

I remember when I was a brand new little puppy, my loving family did a great deal of research and planning before bringing me home for the first time. They contacted our good friends at Acme Canine and learned all about what breed suited their needs. A certified trainer met with my mom and dad to make sure I was a great fit for the family! Acme Canine helped them learn about potty training and behavior training as well.

My owners were well informed when they adopted me and did not support pet store or puppy mill establishments but an ethical breeder or shelter instead.

Adopting a puppy is a long term commitment. And no commitment should be a surprise gift. Instead, if your family is truly ready to bring home that new furry friend, I suggest that Santa brings little Johnny and Sue all of the necessary supplies such as books about different dog breeds, a kennel, leash, collar, and an appointment with our friends at Acme Canine. Then after the big holiday rush, your family can discuss and plan the necessary steps on adopting that new pup.

Take it from me, when us dogs, as puppies, are adopted, it is a very exciting and new adventure. We need good quality time with our new family. We need lots of time to discover and get used to our new surroundings and the holidays can be a little too stressful for a little tike.

In this lovely holiday season, spoil the kids with lots of great information on their future companion and good canine resources so the family, as a whole, can make a good decision and bring home that puppy after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

To get started on a bright and healthy start for your future puppy, be sure to click the contact us link to get started with our Acme Canine buddies. They will be glad send you in the right direction!

Happy holidays to all my dog and human friends! May you get many treats and toys in this joyous season!

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