A Quick Guide on Foods Your Dog Should and Shouldn’t Eat

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We think dogs can eat everything simply because they do, but sometimes, dogs can get sick from the wrong food scrap.

We tend to think that dogs can eat everything simply because they do. At any given meal, you can find your dog scurrying around for fallen foods or leftovers under the table. But the fact that they eat everything doesn’t mean that they should. Sometimes, a dog can get sick from the wrong scrap of food.

Gone are the days where you went to your store and had the selection of “soft” and “canned” food for your pet. Nowadays, there’s plenty more, even refrigerated, fresh food. So you can’t help but wonder, “Can’t my dog just eat the same things I do?” Well, sometimes.

Below are a few reminders of who dogs are and what they can eat.

Are all Dogs Meat Eaters? 

Dogs are carnivores, no questions asked. If you’ve trained your dog to eat dry, fresh, or canned food, your dog still (most likely) likes meat. If you feel compelled to switch your dog to a raw dog food diet, farm-fresh foods are better than their alternative as a general practice.

If you want to change your dog’s diet to raw meat, talk to your vet. This change can affect their stomach, mainly if they’ve eaten dry foods up until now. You may have to start slowly, with pieces of meat in their dry food. Either way, your vet will be happy to tell you which meats are best, how much, and what variety to get. Also, ask about cooked meats. This may be a good transition food for your pet.

 Can Dogs Eat Vegetables? 

 Dogs are also omnivores, which means they can eat plants as well as meat.

Dogs can eat some of the same vegetables humans do. But, to be sure as to which veggies are healthy for your furry friend, talk to your veterinarian. They will have a much better idea of which vegetables your dogs can eat according to their specific breed. Once you find out, try them out as a snack at first, and then maybe combine them with their food (or meat, if you’ve switched already).

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Should Dogs Drink Milk? 

The operative word there being “should.” Dogs and humans can be very similar when it comes to milk. It can seriously upset their stomach. If there’s any reason why you believe your dog needs milk, contact your vet. While a little milk is likely to be fine, it’s simply nothing compared to good, old water. So unless your vet recommends milk for your dog, stick with water.

How About Sweets?

Can? Sure. Will? Of course. Should? Probably not.

One of the most common foods we hear dogs shouldn’t eat is chocolate, which experts agree on. However, it’s not just chocolate. There are plenty of sweets that can harm your dog, such as processed sweets like cookies. Even if they don’t react, you may be upsetting their internal system more than you think in the long run.

Certain breeds can eat certain foods in small doses if you want to give your dog sweet food. Ask your vet about apples. Some dogs like apples, but their stomachs are fine with small, peeled, seedless chunks. Again, first, ask your vet before any apple-snacking takes place.


 Yes, your dog can safely eat some of the foods you consume at the end of the day. Which foods? Ask your vet. The breed and age of your dog may play a part in determining what foods your dog should and should not eat, especially if you’re planning on changing its usual diet.

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