Acme Canine Dog Boarding Options

Special Boarding Opportunities
Acme Canine is always happy to welcome dogs for boarding when owners are going on vacation or just need a place for the dog to stay.  The choices, however, do not end there.  While staying at Acme, dogs have opportunities that would be impossible at a regular kennel facility.

fun and PLAY boarding is great for keeping your dog active and happy while boarding.  This service consists of the normal play time with other dogs, but also includes extended time outside and in the playroom.  It requires a well-balanced dog, but can be very rewarding for both pet and owner.

Through fun and PLAY boarding, dogs get supervised instructional socialization.  This encourages interaction among all the dogs.  It can improve confidence in shy dogs and help hyperactive dogs learn how to calm down and go with the flow.

If you have taken lessons and worked with your dog on maintaining composure in hectic situations, fun and PLAY dog boarding can help reinforce those behaviors.  There are usually enough dogs together throughout the day to create an environment with many distractions to which your dog will have to adjust.

Looking past the behavioral benefits of letting dogs board this way, there are more basic benefits as well.  Dogs will simply have a much more enjoyable stay at Acme Canine when boarding.  They will make plenty of new friends to romp with for hours.  During the summer months, a small swimming pool is also available for them to jump in and keep cool.  They will look back on their “summer camp” experience very fondly.

Along with fun and PLAY boarding, the canine care assistants and a staff of certified trainers at Acme Canine can offer other opportunities to make your dog’s stay worthwhile.

Refresher training is one of the services Acme provides for dogs that are boarding in the facility.  As a rule, dogs must have been trained at Acme before boarding.  Refresher training is a program that allows you to list problem areas you have noticed with your dog and trainers will work on them while the dog is boarding.

This program is less intensive than a residency.  It is best suited for dogs that are still well balanced overall, but need to break bad habits or improve rusty commands.  It provides extra stimulation for generally well-mannered dogs.  There is a fee of $91/3 days of training and requires a minimum of 3 days boarding.

Working with certified trainers in the setting of Acme Canine’s facility will force your dog to focus and make the effort to make those improvements.  On any given day, half a dozen pups will be on hand in the training room to provide great distraction settings and create a hectic atmosphere that will pose a challenge for the dog.

Making use of Acme’s refresher training services can be very beneficial to both owner and dog.  You do not need to make room in your schedule to attempt to fit in classes or lessons in the evenings to buck up on those lazy habits.  Instead, while your dog is already boarding, they will be making improvements every day.

From the dog’s perspective, it makes the stay more enjoyable.  More challenge and socialization will keep your dog from feeling lonely and give him plenty of daily mental stimulation.

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