Acme Canine Resource Center

For over 10 years now Acme Canine has been known for our high standards and quality customer service with dog training.  As the company matures we realize the importance of sharing up-to-date useful dog knowledge with the public.

This 2014 Acme Canine will take on a new name and role in the dog community.  In January we will be known as Acme Canine Resource Center.  Along with the new name we will provide special boarding for puppies and elderly dogs, easy drop off and pick up and home delivery options; engage our clients with several workshop on understanding dog behavior and body language; and entertain our clients at Woofie’s Easter Egg Hunt, Spike’s Pool Party, HowlOween, and our Howliday greeting Open House as well as a few more surprises.

In addition, Acme Canine Resource Center will broaden our access with dog trainers through the rental of our facility for classes and boarding of dogs, by hosting workshops for dog trainers on starting a business, and by sharing our knowledge and experience to dog trainers with lesson plans and other useful training materials to help improve their businesses.

Dogs are our passion!  And their care and welfare is important to us.  We will continue to keep our high standards of integrity, knowledge and compassion as you experience and enjoy the new Acme Canine Resource Center.

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